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Why You Should Quit Smoking and Simple Ways to do it

We get you the most relevant information that enables you to make the right lifestyle choices and to be able to get within you, the transformation that is needed to be able to discern the healthy ones from the unhealthy ones.

Which is why we will talk to you about a habit that is as unhealthy as it is filthy. We’re going to talk to you about things that you can do to quit smoking and get a much better life for yourself and for your family.

Smoking is a habit that not only affects your health but the health of your entire family as a whole. Passive smoke is the worst kind of smoke there is and if you smoke in the house that you live in, you increase the chances of your family members getting affected by the ill effects of the monoxide heavy smoke that you subject them to.

This article tells you of the 6 most important and simple things that you need to remember when you vow to kick the butt for good.

But before that we will talk to you about why exactly is smoking unhealthy for you. Smoking is unhealthy because of wide variety of factors that affect you when you smoke. These factors are,

1. Changes in your oral environment

The first place that the smoke shows its effects is in your mouth, because this is the place that comes in contact with it first. Smoking decreases the number of healthy oral micro flora and also decreases the tendency for inflammation, which is a bad thing.

2. Changes in your lung health

Tar from the cigarettes is a compound that blocks and chokes up your alveoli (these are tiny little bags where oxygen interacts with your blood), thus reducing your vital capacity (the amount of air that your lungs can hold, the more the better).

3. Changes in your cardiovascular cycle

Smoking has been linked to numerous other changes the most important ones being related to your cardio vascular cycle, people who smoke more are at a much larger risk of a heart attack.

4. Changes in your skin

Smoking reduces the amount of collagen that your body synthesises, which is to say that your skin will appear wrinkled and age faster if you are a smoker.

5. Changes in normal function

Probably the scariest way that smoking affects your body is that you are twice as likely to develop cancer as someone who does not smoke and this is because of the many metabolic changes taking place in your body when you smoke, most of these changes occur at cellular levels.

Smoking is a very hard habit to get rid of, but you can do it if you try to do it with the right approach and for a strong enough reason.

1. Go cold turkey

There is no tapering off of cigarettes, so if you want to quit, quit cold turkey, don’t bother looking back, that old you that smoked is over and history, period.

2. Nicotine replacement therapy

If you are having troubles controlling your urges to smoke, consider nicotine replacement therapy to make sure that you stay true to your commitment of not smoking again.

3. Talk to your family

If ever you feel a very strong urge to smoke, make it a point to talk to your family and to lean on them whenever you need them.

4. Avoid triggers

It doesn’t matter if you are a social smoker of a habitual one? Are you someone who smokes 5 a day or do you smoke a packet a day, as long as you meticulously avoid any triggers that might instigate you to smoke, nothing can go wrong.

5. Don’t quit trying

Did you have a weak moment? Did you just light one up when you had already quit? The idea here is to not be too harsh on yourself and accept that this was bound to happen and identify the triggers that instigated you at the time.

6. Reward yourself

Make sure that you reward yourself appropriately at important milestones when you quit smoking.

Follow these simple steps to make sure that you are never addicted to smoking, ever again.

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