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Why You Need to Maintain these Daily Good Health Habits?

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Today we talk about something that everybody is well aware of. The five habits that we talk about here are very well known to all of us but seldom understood in all their entirety.

We tell you why and how these simple day to day habits are beneficial for you and your family in the long run.

1. Bathe daily

Bathing daily has unbelievable advantages. Most of which you are already aware of. But did you know that bathing hot and cold water is different, both have their benefits.

Advantages of bathing with cold water

a. Improves libido – Yes! According to a study, bathing in cold water has been known to improve sexual drive in men.
b. Helps with depression – Bathing with cold water kick-starts the nervous system by boosting the naturally circulating endorphins in the body.

Advantages of bathing with warm water

a. The cheapest contraceptive – Studies show that men who bathe with warm water daily experience a decrease in sperm count and motility. Don’t worry though, this is temporary.
b. Anti – microbicidal – Warm water has anti-microbicidal properties that help in maintaining a clean and healthy skin.

2. Eat right

Eating right can never be overemphasized. When they say that you are what you eat, they mean it.

Ideally, your diet should include all of these –

1. Vitamins – These are vital elements that your body cannot secrete.
2. Fats – Saturated and unsaturated, they have their own value.
3. Minerals – Minerals are the trace elements that are essential for sustenance of life.
4. Proteins – Proteins metabolize all other nutrients.
5. Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are the building block of the body.

3. Exercise

Exercising is one way of ensuring you stay in peak physical form and keep most diseases at bay all the time.
Working out regularly also ensures a healthy heart and lungs.

4. Yoga

The western world is touting yoga as the next big thing, and we have known for centuries that it is the biggest thing that you can do to massively improve the quality of life that you live.

Practice every day, start out with simple asanas and move on to the more complicated ones. You will start to notice a difference in your health status.

5. Smile

You don’t only smile when you feel good. You also feel good when you smile. It works both ways.

When you smile, your body releases chemicals called endorphins, and endorphins are feel good chemicals synthesized by your body. Make sure that you make it a point to smile at least 20 times a day, even if for no reason at all.

You will start to see a positive change in your life.

What we have just told you may seem simple, most of the things on this post you might even know already. But hey! Who says reminders are a bad thing?

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