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What Makes Cloud Based Applications Popular?

In our last post we discussed the advantages of using cloud based LIMS software for labs. But what are web applications? And what makes them better than traditional web enabled applications?

A cloud based (or web based) application is purely an online application interface. Such applications which do not require installation at user’s computer. Any application, which can be accessed through a web browser, is a cloud based application.

How is it different from Web Enabled Application?

A web enabled application needs to be installed at user’s computer.  Any application that can be accessed through a web browser but requires installation on user’s computer is web enabled application.

Limitations of Web-Enabled-Applications

Operating a web enabled application involves the following issues/limitations –

You start with buying, installing and managing these services on your personal computer.

Over a period of time they need to be upgraded.

They are sure to become outdated technology over time. You have only two options – Either continue with it, or switch over to a new technology, which again is a tedious work because the old technology is not fully integrated with the new technology.

Why go for Cloud based Software

Web based software or cloud based software has given a new meaning to how information is stored, accessed and managed. They have taken care of data management and storage needs of the user. The only basic requirement here is a browser and an internet connection. Cloud service provider takes care of the software and services like storage infrastructure and backup.

The key benefits and feature of cloud based applications are –

Functionality and cost: Simplified architecture of web based systems reduces the cost and increases functionality. As the infrastructure resides with cloud vendor there is no need for on-site maintenance and up gradation of software at user end. The up gradation and maintenance is hassle free. Services like storage, backup, infrastructure and up gradation are all provided by cloud vendor.

Automatic updating and backup: Since data is updated server side, it is not only cost effective but up-to-date too which ensures accurate and timely provision of data to users.

Responsiveness: Centralization of data makes it accessible and responsive to business needs from anywhere.

The user is always using the updated version of application and not an outdated one. This ensures shift of focus from software to work and brings about positive impact on business.

Business growth: Business house can focus on increasing its productivity & growth as the technical needs of business are in the hands of cloud vendor.

Pay as you go: Huge investments in infrastructure are not needed as the pricing is subscription based. You pay as you go. Billing is on consumption basis. It saves capital requirements and helps cash flow of business.

Security: Any computerized system carries the risk of intrusion. At times the companies have to invest a lot to overcome such situations. Cloud vendor makes sure that the data on servers is secure and protected. The need to move around data is taken care of. The data is centralized at highly secured data center and can be accessed any time by the user.

Consistency of services is always a welcome benefit.

Deploying of resources to end user is easy and rapid.

Our software for medical labs, clinics and patients ride on the cloud. You will never have to install anything on your device. It does not get easier than this. To learn more about our cloud based healthcare software, visit

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