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The Seven Health Habits of Highly Effective People

We think that everyone would agree that there are both effective and non-effective people around you at all times. And what separates the ineffective people from the really effective ones is their attitude towards problems, and in order to have the right attitude towards problems you need to have the right aptitude (which basically means intelligence) and everyone knows that a sound mind will only rest in a healthy body. Which is why, today we will tell you about the seven health habits that highly effective people follow to ensure that they stay effective and productive.

1. Effective people avoid tobacco

People who are effective in their lives understand that short term pleasures should not lead to long term losses, and smoking and chewing tobacco is the worst short term pleasure of all because the habit is immensely addictive. Even if you do quit, there is always that chance of a relapse. And the long term ramifications for the habit are even worse. Seriously, how can you even consider a substance that has a label that says “causes cancer”?

Smoking has also been associated with cognitive decline.(1)

So, if you smoke, make sure that you do the right thing today and kick the habit for good. And if you don’t, then don’t even consider starting.

2. Effective people work out

Working out daily helps your brain release dopamine, which is the feel good chemical in your brain, when you work out, you aren’t just getting healthier, you are also getting happier every day.

Now, you don’t have to start pushing your body to its very last limits, pushing too hard can have disadvantages too but multiple researches suggest that working out moderately (that is, to the point that you start to feel the burn) can improve your cognitive performance and affective experience.(2)

3. Effective people eat right

Eating right has always been the cornerstone of maintaining great health, the reason why eating right gets you effective is that when you eat the right kinds of foods in the right dietary quantities, you will begin to notice the difference in your cognition and these benefits are long term.

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When you avoid fatty and cholesterol rich foods, what you are really avoiding is slow mental decline.

How is that?

High Cholesterol foods will lead to accumulation of beta amyloid plaque formation, this is the same material that is responsible for the degenerative process in alzheimer’s.(3)

4. Effective people drink in moderation

Drinking daily improves your cognition. Yup you heard that right! Moderate drinking especially wine has been associated with improved cognition.(4)

Wine also contains naturally occurring flavonoids that are potent antioxidants and help boost overall immunity and brain function. Make sure that you do not go over the top with the drinking though, doing this can seriously damage your health.

5. Effective people sleep right

Following the right sleep schedule is linked to better cognition and brain functioning, studies say that people who get less than 7 hours of sleep per day have lowered brain functioning and a marked decrease in workplace performance.(5)

6. Effective people have a positive mind-set

When you have negatives thoughts, you are more likely to be on a downward spiral into depression, people who understand that they need to stay positive no matter what the situation will always fare better in life than those who do not.

7. Effective people have healthy relationships

There is something called a relationship bank account, now every time that you make a promise to someone that you care about and you keep that promise, you are making a deposit into the relationship bank account, and every time that you break a promise, you are making a withdrawal from it. (6)

So, make promises with the intention of keeping those promises. Effective people understand that keeping loved ones happy is the most important thing that they need to do.

People who have healthy relationships with their loved ones tend to perform better and in general are better people.


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