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The lab scene is changing. Are you on board?

All businesses change, adapt and grow to meet the needs of the changing times. So does yours, the question is, are you aware of the changes that have come to place in the last decade?

Let us bring you up to speed.

Up until a decade ago, in the path lab business things were done manually, reports were made manually, sorted and mailed manually, sometimes not reaching the intended recipient, sometimes not reaching anywhere at all, ergo causing great distress to both the lab and the patient.

Managing day to day lab problems was another issue, inventory management, redundant printing costs, and human resource management for these tasks was important, not to even mention the drain on energy it was to actually supervise these processes manually.

But then things changed, people got technology that was simplified enough to be used by anyone, and this technology connected people in the best ways possible, it made sharing data and information convenient, simple and fast.

When people began communicating more efficiently, it made businesses realise that they could do the same with their clients. After all faster communication leads to happier clients and in general, more efficient business models. Our software is making businesses efficient, profitable and even scalable.

And our mobile application is also making people’s lives convenient, and helping people live healthier more efficient lives.

Laboratories that have kept up with the times have upgraded to using these software, and are making profits by saving on unnecessary costs like printing, mailing and maintaining unnecessary and inefficient employees. They have realized the prowess of automation and are harnessing it to maximise profits and increase margins, they also have better customer retention precisely because they are so efficient at what they do, and they do all of this consistently.

All the possibilities that were not, have been enabled by LIMS (Laboratory information management software), you can monitor resources comfortably and efficiently with LIMS’s integrated inventory management software , you never miss deliveries with LIMS’s integrated delivery management software and work flow is now at your fingertips and accessible wherever you are thanks to LIMS’s cloud based storage.

You also never have to worry about data safety because both your and the patients login are secure. They can access their reports on the move as well because, you guessed it, cloud storage! Your patients are happy with the new systems in place because it just works! Works for them, works for hospitals and works for the laboratories

And why it works is no mystery, it is hands down the best Laboratory management system in position yet, it is also ready for NABL accredited labs.

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cloudchowk is a healthcare software company based out of Delhi. Its software help medical labs, clinics and patients share information and collaborate seamlessly.

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