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Beat the Summer Sickness!

It’s the month of April! Summer is almost here. It’s finally time to take out your t-shirts and shorts. But along with ice creams, colas and golas, summers are also harbingers of some deadly diseases, which might take away most of the fun. The rising mercury isn’t the only thing

When the villain starts resisting the hero

We often hear doctors remark that consumption of too many antibiotics is bad. Rather than fighting the pathogens they’re supposed to ward off, the infection causing bacteria develop immunity against the antibiotics. This might take weeks, months or years, but ‘antibiotic resistance’ is a serious issue for consumers, doctors and

Why Sleeping Beauty was a smart girl!

As we grow older, sleep becomes more and more of a luxury that we never valued when we had the chance. We find numerous ways to prep ourselves up and compensate for a lack of sleep, but sometimes no amount of caffeine can reverse the damage being done. What difference

Overcoming the challenges of Electronic Health Records (EHR)

There’s no question that healthcare needs to adopt new technology like Electronic Health Records (EHR) that makes us more effective and efficient and curbs costs. In today’s world, providers of all sizes and backgrounds continue to find it challenging to integrate existing systems with EHRs for a variety of reasons,

Get rid of the Top Four for good!

There are a number of diseases that have become quite common over the past century. All of these typically strike quite hard and can even be fatal. They cause pain, grief, and worry not only to the patient, but also to their families and friends. However, we are not entirely

Fruits: Making the bad good, and the good better!

We all know that fruits are healthy.
The questions that elude some of us however relate to just how healthy fruits are, which fruits are healthy and whether fruits in all forms are healthy. Experts including a team from Harvard School of Public Health in the US examined whether certain fruits

Obesity: Disease or Symptom?

Recently the American Medical Association labeled obesity as a disease, which is rather odd considering that obesity by definition, is the medical condition where there is excess accumulation of body fat, “leading” to reduced life expectancy and increases the likelihood of various diseases such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes,

Music is great for your digital health, here is why!

It’s a rather baffling phenomenon to see an entire species whose numbers run well into the billions, to be listening to apparently random tonal patterns. However, humans as a species are so absorbed in the system that we never view it this way, for us music is more than an arbitrary collection of frequencies,

Let’s make the doctor’s visit a lot smoother!

Don’t we all hate the long lines at the doctor’s place for a quick appointment? Handle your visits to a doctor like a pro, and they’ll seem less like nightmares and more like what they are: important, necessary and relatively painless health analysis.

Here are some quick tips to make the process faster