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Find labs, save money and store medical records

Find nearby labs, request free sample pickups, store and visualize your pathology reports, X-Ray and ultrasound scans are just few of the many features that makes it easier for you to manage your health with Zureka.


PHR Software for Patients

Take better care of your health

With our mobile apps available on both iOS and Android platforms, you can easily collaborate with your doctors and labs and manage your health information on the go.

  • Lab discovery with quality assurance
  • Complete transparency
  • Home sample pickup services
  • Visualize and compare reports
  • Unlimited file storage
  • It’s all FREE and will always be

More new features coming soon…

Medical Records at Your Fingertips

Our software offers great flexibility and portability. You can access your medical records anytime from anywhere and through any device.

Compare Reports

Compare previous reports with the new ones for a better health analysis. Now get to know your exact health status with our PHR software at your disposal.

Find Labs

Finding labs near you has never been easier. Get details on labs nearby, find their latest offerings and request for sample pickups, all from one place.

Monitor Stats, Track Health

Observe stats in form of numbers, graphs and charts to know better. Track ongoing developments and always stay updated.

Reliable Data Protection

We care about your privacy and work tirelessly to ensure flawless protection of your data. Stay assured everything is safe.

File Vault

No limit on uploading reports and images. Share them with your doctors or keep them only for personal records keeping.