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LIMS, is it really necessary for your lab?

When you want to invest in any new business tech upgrade, it is as important to evaluate the situation critically as it is to do it complimentarily.

In this blog post we will try to critically evaluate our own services, and in the process you get to decide if getting LIMS is really viable, or profitable for your business.

The four main points of criticism that we have heard of in our experience are:

The initial investment

As with any tech upgrade, there are initial investments. If this scares you, then you don’t have to be, our software is designed to keep the Indian markets in mind, unlike our competition, we make sure that the cost of the service is bearable by even startup laboratories.

Another noteworthy factor while investing in LIMS, (and it is imperative that you understand this) is that this is a long term high return-on-investment service. It procures you the reputation of being immaculate in your deliveries and efficiency. And that in turn, gives your business the edge that you need to grow and thrive.

The technical know-how

The technical know-how associated with automating your lab might seem like a bit of a task at first, but, at cloudchowk we have a support team ready to help you, all the time. We believe that it is in after sales services that the true worth of any business is evaluated, we commit to being there for you every step of the way on your journey towards success. We will never leave you twisting in the wind.

The dedicated hardware

Another concern that seems to be an issue with our prospective clients is that they seem to think that apart from the software bundle there is a necessity that they will need dedicated hardware for all the data that is generated by their facility, but this is a common misconception. All the data that is generated is stored on our remote cloud servers protected by multi layer encryption, so you never have to worry about purchasing expensive servers or data security.

The extra employee most clients feel that there is a steep learning curve associated with operating the LIMS, but that’s not true at all. Understanding and operating cloudchowk’s LIMS is easy, thanks to its uber simplified interface and ease of use. Your data management executive can understand the operations within minutes of its use. We ensure your ability to upgrade without needing to get that extra employee..

In conclusion, if you feel that you are ready to take the leap and break through your ceilings, drop us a line.

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cloudchowk is a healthcare software company based out of Delhi. Its software help medical labs, clinics and patients share information and collaborate seamlessly.

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