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Is your business model scalable?

Let us help you with that.

It is every entrepreneur’s dream to make his/her business grow. We understand that and ergo we have a product that makes your business model scalable, but first what is scalability? Do we understand the concepts of scalability?

What scalability is, “it is the capacity of your company to maintain or improve profit margins as the sales volume increases.”

It is the ability to grow. Without a scalable model no industry can survive, because a non scalable model flies right in the face of consistent delivery. And without being able to consistently deliver and meet the market requirements, no matter how efficient your product/ service be, failure is the only outcome guaranteed.

Scalability is short for

S-Sustainable – any scalable business must first be self sustaining, without sustainability, it is impossible for a business model to even hope for having a scalable model.

C-pro-Commitment – to make your model scalable, you must first be ready to commit to the move, it is a big decision and should most certainly not be taken faintly,  to upscale your industry, you will be taking the risks associated with moving to a new market, you will also need to make a big commitment. But once you have made the commitment, with conviction you are ready to move up in the game.

A-Achievable – the goals that you set for your industry must be achievable (read realistic), it is always a good idea to set small targets and then meet them consistently, this not only helps you trace your growth it also keeps the company morale high, over time, these goals can be made more aggressive to suit the growing business needs.

L-Liable – any good business should have social liability, a business that makes principle centred business its core value and upholds only the highest ethical standards will be in the long run, considered a benchmark for business practices in its own time, unethical practices are rewarding for the short term, but they just do not sit well when you’re in it for the long haul.

A-Adaptive – all good business’s are adaptive, they keep up to date with current market trends, and in order for your small business to grow into that multifaceted industry that you’ve always dreamt of, you must do the same, keeping on learning is absolutely crucial for your business to thrive.

B-Branding – the need for branding cannot be overstated, without there being a general awareness among your target demographic regarding the company’s presence in the market, you will never get the business you need to grow.

L- Liaisons – collaboration is the stuff of growth, without collaboration, the products and services that are perceived to be giants in the industry today wouldn’t exist. You need to be associated with the right people who understand your business needs and can help you boost your efficiency.

E-Earnest – and finally, every business that plans to make it big needs to be earnest in its efforts to grow, for without desire there is no action, and without action there are no results.

And in the pathology lab sector scalability does not only depend on having more patient inflow, it also depends on strategic acquisition of new markets, or put simply, to have more than one branch in operation (and then more), the idea behind this is to get your business placed within the reach of more people.

The big question remains though, how does one operate multiple facilities efficiently and effortlessly without increasing cost to company by a ridiculous margin?

The answer is simple, a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Software), with its inbuilt centralized branch management lets you access all of your operations across multiple branches or collection centres via your cell phone. Along with that, an integrated inventory management lets you manage your reagents consumption across all those places with absolute ease. Thus taking care of your need to visit them frequently or spending most part of your day managing operations instead of focussing on expansion.

The software also ensures complete database management with its cloud based storage, this includes all the patient appointments, reports and deliveries across all of your laboratories.

Such is the power of transparent management, just imagine for a moment, a business model that is immune to inefficiency, leakage, delays and mismanagement. A model that is now, within your reach.

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cloudchowk is a healthcare software company based out of Delhi. Its software help medical labs, clinics and patients share information and collaborate seamlessly.

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