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How LIMS Helps Patients Live Healthy Lives

Imagine, you go to a hospital and hand over all your paperwork from years of medical treatment (both major and minor) only to find that that one blood report or that one X-Ray report that you JUST got done a week ago is missing from your inventory. Now, upon the doctor’s insistence you need to get it done again.

And again wouldn’t have been much of an issue (I mean you’re in the hospital anyway, right?), if you didn’t have to wait. Wait for the diagnosis, wait for the report to be made, and finally, for it to be sent over to you. Now all that you have to do is to go to the doctor again (and then inevitably wait in his chambers). And this, is when again starts to be an issue.

Every day, people do not get the treatment they deserve, only because of such delays, but with the technology that we now have, such redundant problems will be a thing of the past. The software’s inbuilt patient records management software makes the right information available to the right professionals at the right time, so that the correct line of treatment can not only be established but also implemented timely.

And that has tremendous implications on the community health and general well being all over. At cloudchowk, what motivates us is this vision of the future where people can get timely professional attention. We believe that everyone should be in control of every little aspect of their health, and that begins with enabling them to monitor their health. Book appointments with laboratories and receive reports with ease the likes of which you would never have experienced before.

Now imagine,

You walk up to the reception of a medical treatment facility (another fancy word for a hospital) show the guy sitting at the counter your cell phone.  He tells you that the doctor will see you now.

Once inside, when the doctor asks you for your lab reports to review, you hand him your cell phone again. He looks at it, and then proceeds to tell you your line of treatment, and whenever you want to refer to his treatment notes you just have to look back to your cell phone.

Sounds futuristic?

The future is here. No more hassles over missing paperwork. No more unesscesary re-tests. No more waiting for appointments. With cloudchowk’s inbuilt patient health records management software (PHR). We make the experience of getting the right medical treatment seamless. And seamless is good.

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cloudchowk is a healthcare software company based out of Delhi. Its software help medical labs, clinics and patients share information and collaborate seamlessly.

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