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Here is how LIMS helps you save money

Laboratory Information management software is, to simplify-automation, and automation is good for any business. Today, let us explain to you how this simple software helps you go big on savings.

1. No more missing inventory

With an in built inventory management software we make sure you have zero leakage. The software also alerts you in case you run low on supplies.

2. Digitized reports means savings on printing costs and a per year reduction on office supplies (and its eco-friendly)

Office supplies like the paper you print reports on might not seem like much of savings but trust us, they are. With an average annual consumption of 10,000 sheets per year and the average printing cost per sheet being Rs. 3/sheet, that amounts to over Rs. 30,000 pa.

save money with LIMS software3. Save on mailing costs

All reports are automatically allocated to the patients unique ID. Where they can always access it. No more paperwork, sorting and mailing.

4. No more delays for the patient

With the inbuilt report management on the application, the patient can save, download and print their reports instantaneously.

Happy patient – Recurrent Business

5. Makes sure your patients never miss appointments and you, never miss business.

Patients can log in to the mobile application and choose to be alerted for any upcoming appointments.

6. No more recurrent storage costs

Every year, laboratories spend money on maintenance, upkeep and upgrade of data storage units (read- computers). With LIMS’s cloud based storage you never have to worry about that. Also, computers have a reputation to crash. But, having data stored on a cloud will keep it safe from all physical damage. So you never have to worry about data loss.

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