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Fungal Infections in the Monsoon

As we told you in our last post, the streets may not be the safest place for you during the monsoon, but even when you’re back inside your house, there are a few things you’ll have to do to keep your largest organ, your skin, safe from harm.

The monsoon brings with it a host of fungal infections that manifest themselves into scratches, itches, allergies and other dermatological symptoms that go from harmless to painful in a matter of hours.

Ailments & Cures

• A small towel should be carried to wipe dry your face, hands and body immediately after they get wet- which includes anything from a full shower in the rain when you forget your umbrella at home to a few splatters from travelling in a rickshaw.

• Non alcoholic skin toners should be used at least twice a day to bring the skin’s skewed Ph levels back to book.

• Anti-fungal creams and powders are available at almost all chemists and can be applied luxuriously even on the most sensitive skin, unless directed otherwise, and on an infection that has been identified as being fungal. Such powders should also be put into shoes and socks that might get wet.

• Dry skin should be tended to immediately, with moisturizers, rose water, almond oil or glycerine, and dead skin gently exfoliated and then scrubbed right off.

• Sun screen lotions should remain a part of your daily routine, even though it seems the clouds are blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays.

• Home remedies like fruits and ice can also help to calm inflammations, almost as well or better than moisturizers, which are considered an absolute must during these wet months. Chemical peels are another fantastic way to freshen up skin that’s lost its lustre.

• Hair and beauty experts stress on washing your hair often to remove any harmful chemicals that accumulate due to acid rain or humidity.

• Cotton and Khadi clothes that are open and airy, dry faster and are thus preferable, and artificial jewellery worn on your neck and wrists cause rashes that can leave permanent scars and thus should be avoided.

The Extras

Eczema is a term applied to a variety of skin conditions that result from inflammation of the dermatitis, and Scabies is a contagious, waterborne skin condition caused by parasitic mites. Both of these can be avoided by staying clean and dry. Kids, Beware the most common victims are children, who are susceptible to viral and skin infections upon getting wet. According to the Times of India, “Patients, mostly children between age group of 4-10, suffering from allergies and fungal infection, account for around 20% skin and dermatological ailment at hospitals.”

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