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Eliminate cancer from your home!

Cancer is a terrible disease that takes almost 600,000 lives every year. The disease isn’t hereditary, as many believe it to be. Most cancers do not result from inherited genes but from damage to genes occurring during one’s lifetime. Everyday lifestyle factors are the primary causes that damage the genes. Certain foods (like carrot, flax seed, broccoli and leafy greens like kale and romaine lettuce) have also been shown to fight the development of prostate cancer. Despite these findings, poor diet and exercise are not the only factors related to cancer risk.

Here is a quick checklist that will eliminate the top five cancer causes from your home

1. Food Additives

Stay away from foods containing food additives, dyes, coloring s, flavorings, stabilizers, fake fats, artificial sugars and preservatives. The average person ingests 140 to 150 pounds of additives a year.

2. Medications

The nearly four billion prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and vaccines are themselves chemical toxins.

3. Plastics

Food wrapped in plastic, plastic take-out food containers and water sold in plastic bottles expose you to very high levels of toxic chemicals. Plastics damage hormone receptors, cause fatigue, harm brain chemistry, accumulate in organs and lead to illness. They’ve been specifically linked to cancers of the prostate, lung and thyroid.

4. Water

Monitor the quality of the water you drink, bathe in and use to clean and prepare foods. Tap water is full of chlorine, heavy metals, contaminants, and other toxins. Chlorine is a big red flag. If it is strong enough to kill all bacteria and other dangerous compounds in our water, do you really think it’s a good idea to pass it through our systems?

5. Personal Care Products

These toxins are hiding in plain sight on the shelves and in the drawers of your bathroom. The list of toxic substances includes sunscreens, soaps, shampoos, detergents and toothpastes. Switch to organic and plant-based products to avoid the long-term toxic buildup caused by these dangerous chemicals. Prolonged toxicity is known to foster the development of cancer.

There have been various people who have fought cancer successfully! The cycling legend Lance Armstrong was diagnosed testicular cancer in 1996. His diagnosis was made rather late, by which time, it had spread to his lungs, stomach and brain and his chances of survival were penned at 40%. Thanks to his strong spirit and support from well wishers, Armstrong turned his life around and emerged victorious in his battle against cancer. He opened the ‘Lance Armstrong Foundation’ in 1997 to assist cancer patients and their families all over the world. Yuvraj Singh is another great example who has successfully recovered. After being diagnosed with Lung Cancer, Yuvi took inspiration from none other but Lance Armstrong throughout his treatment. Yuvraj and Lance are some great people to look upto who have successfully recovered from this horrible disease. Moreover, changes in lifestyle can be very rewarding in recovering from cancer.

Following these simple steps can avoid cancer and keep you in safe hands. Keep watching this space for more updates!

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