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Effective vs Ineffective Medical Laboratories

Every day we come across laboratories that are immensely effective, proficient and successful at what they do. And then there are those that never quiet seem to get what is wrong with their entire business model. These laboratories struggle to survive, let alone thrive. And are most certainly not scalable.

In today’s article we plan to explore what sets these laboratories apart.

An unsuccessful laboratory struggles with issues from the past like, report and patient database management, report delivery management, and a general lack of technology designed specifically to make these processes effortless for both the patient and the lab. They constantly suffer delays in delivery, have to perform redundant retests and are constantly missing inventory. That affects the bottom line, and leads to unacceptable margins.

And even if they possess the competence required to survive the market, what they lack is efficiency and consistency.


What sets a successful laboratory apart from an unsuccessful laboratory is simple- efficiency, consistency and competence. Notice how competence comes in third. There is a reason for that, only laboratories that have a reputation for being efficient will get a chance to be competent.

Any lab that makes efficiency, consistency and competence its core values is bound to be successful

Efficiency– is the ability to deliver on the commitment made to the client with optimised input from the laboratories’ end. Basically, every time you deliver a client a report on time, with optimised cost on the laboratories’ end, you save. And savings lead to an effective business model.

Consistency– is the ability to do this continuously and without fail, consistency is what gets your laboratory recognition and in time, reputation, and like they say, good fame is better than a good face. Your lab can have world class infrastructure, equipment and technology, but if it is not consistent in delivering results, recurrent business is going to be hard for you to get.

Competence– is the ability of your lab to deliver quality results. This factor completes the ability of your lab to become more than just a lab. For it to grow into the enterprise that it deserves to be.

And together, these values make your business model efficient. And efficient is what you want.

Here’s how we help you achieve these goals.

Our LIMS, helps you, by boosting efficiency, consistency, productivity and convenience.

  • LIMS’s patient management software helps you boost efficiency by letting you manage patient databases effectively.
  • Ensuring timely report delivery and in general, making things fast and convenient for both the patient and the lab.
  • Our integrated inventory management software also ensures that you never suffer unacceptable losses when it comes to inventory management.
  • We use cloud storage to store your data, thus ensuring that you deliver upon commitments consistently. You have access to all the data. All the time, everywhere you go.
  • With our cutting edge technology, you will never have to worry about losing touch with your work, or being left out of the loop. We make all of it easy for you.

At cloudchowk, we make sure that your business transcends it’s limitations and becomes a scalable business model.

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cloudchowk is a healthcare software company based out of Delhi. Its software help medical labs, clinics and patients share information and collaborate seamlessly.

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