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Eat Light, Eat Right !

Summers are around the corner. As the mercury scales new heights, fruits like watermelons and melons are welcome changes, and how can mangoes be far behind? Fruits form an important part of our diet as do other food items, and it is important to develop healthy eating habits. Since summers are often associated with upset stomachs and exhaustion, we must know what to eat, and more importantly, when to eat it, so this week, we highlight the most important eating habits needed for a healthy lifestyle.

1. Have breakfast like a king

We all have heard that. But surprisingly, not a lot of us follow this age-old saying. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast wakes up the entire body, increases he rate of metabolic processes in the body and leaves us with a general sense of well-being throughout the day. Researchers have found that people consuming healthy breakfasts are less likely to gain weight than those who do not.

2. Replace the mayo

Mayonnaise is full of empty calories as well as cholesterol. Yes, it makes food tastier, but eating a salad loaded with mayonnaise is no good- you end up consuming more calories than you tried to avoid. The cholesterol in mayonnaise is especially bad for the heart. Plus, mayonnaise tends to go bad in summers, especially in India. Replace mayonnaise with healthier options like olive oil and vinegar. Not only are they natural ingredients, olive oil is also a very good source of vitamin D.

3.Load up on fruits

Gorging on fruits is one of the best things one can do in summers-and it’s healthy too! Have a good stock of all your favourite fruits and munch on them whenever you feel hungry. Cut mangoes into small cubes and keep them in the refrigerator. Grab a folk and munch away while watching your favourite movie, catching up with friends, or reading a novel. Same goes for water melons and melons. Add some salt and masalas and you have your very own chaat! The sugar which you get from fruits is natural and the calories are good. Fruits such as water melons also provide you with loads of liquids-something which you need in summers.

4.Drink, drink, drink!

Consume as many liquids as you can in summers. Your body needs them and they help you keep cool. Sit back and watch your favourite TV show with a glass of your favourite fruit shake, or read a book with a glass of your favourite fruit juice. Lunch is never complete without a glass of chilled lassi! Not does lassi provide you with instant refreshment, it also has all the benefits of curd. It is also a known cure for upset stomachs. Fruit juices provide you the required vitamins and fibre in a single glass-without having to eat the entire fruit. One should stay away from sodas, diet colas and artificial juices, though. They provide you empty calories. All they contain is sugar.

One of the most important things which need to be kept in mind is that healthy eating habits are all about keeping things simple and natural. Fruits, vegetables, olive oil, vinegar, juices are all natural recipes for a healthier diet. It is sad that despite knowing many of these things we tend to ignore them. But come this summer season, take a vow to develop healthier eating habits. Take a vow to eat light, eat right and live right.

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