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Busting Myths about LIMS Software

Laboratory information management software has its fair share of misunderstanding and myths surrounding it, today we reveal which ones are myths and which ones not.

We asked prospects what they were anxious about when considering the upgrade, this is what was revealed to us-

LIMS is an expensive upgrade

Most people believe that LIMS is an expensive upgrade that is going to take up most of their resources. This is a myth. This is only true because they have never been exposed to anything but international systems that cost a fortune and are yet ineffective in the Indian scenario. The cloudchowk’s LIMS software is designed keeping the Indian scenario in mind, it is not only affordable, it is better than most of its more expensive counterparts.

LIMS is not for start-ups

All start-ups have humble beginnings and it is therefore that they feel that they cannot possibly afford automation immediately, this is again a myth, because they totally can, and should, it is absolutely necessary for a lab to have a performance oriented approach to become viable business entity in the future, and it is our belief that in a paperless future your only bet is to go for it, firstly because its necessary, and secondly because it is now affordable.

LIMS is a luxury, not a necessity

The markets are growing ever competitive, and the competition is not going to dwindle any time in the near future, this fact makes this a myth. In order to survive the turbulent market that is what it is right now, you definitely need to have the competitive edge, LIMS is the competitive advantage that you need to sail far ahead of any competition that has the disadvantage of not being automated.

LIMS is not user friendly

This is a myth. The cloudchowk’s LIMS has the best, most user friendly interface in the industry, we make advanced computing seem like child’s play. You have to try it to believe how easy it is.

LIMS requires technical Expertise

Well, this one is true, but, we ensure that getting this expertise to you becomes our job, we ensure that we make things as simple for you as possible so you can focus on your work, and be effective without breaking a sweat.

LIMS does not guarantee profits

This is also true, LIMS is a service to boost your efficiency and productivity, just one of the factors determining your profits, but it does add the necessary value that your business needs, to grow.

Let us know if you agree with what we have to say, drop us a line.

LIMS, is it really necessary for your lab?

When you want to invest in any new business tech upgrade, it is as important to evaluate the situation critically as it is to do it complimentarily.

In this blog post we will try to critically evaluate our own services, and in the process you get to decide if getting LIMS is really viable, or profitable for your business.

The four main points of criticism that we have heard of in our experience are:

The initial investment

As with any tech upgrade, there are initial investments. If this scares you, then you don’t have to be, our software is designed to keep the Indian markets in mind, unlike our competition, we make sure that the cost of the service is bearable by even startup laboratories.

Another noteworthy factor while investing in LIMS, (and it is imperative that you understand this) is that this is a long term high return-on-investment service. It procures you the reputation of being immaculate in your deliveries and efficiency. And that in turn, gives your business the edge that you need to grow and thrive.

The technical know-how

The technical know-how associated with automating your lab might seem like a bit of a task at first, but, at cloudchowk we have a support team ready to help you, all the time. We believe that it is in after sales services that the true worth of any business is evaluated, we commit to being there for you every step of the way on your journey towards success. We will never leave you twisting in the wind.

The dedicated hardware

Another concern that seems to be an issue with our prospective clients is that they seem to think that apart from the software bundle there is a necessity that they will need dedicated hardware for all the data that is generated by their facility, but this is a common misconception. All the data that is generated is stored on our remote cloud servers protected by multi layer encryption, so you never have to worry about purchasing expensive servers or data security.

The extra employee most clients feel that there is a steep learning curve associated with operating the LIMS, but that’s not true at all. Understanding and operating cloudchowk’s LIMS is easy, thanks to its uber simplified interface and ease of use. Your data management executive can understand the operations within minutes of its use. We ensure your ability to upgrade without needing to get that extra employee..

In conclusion, if you feel that you are ready to take the leap and break through your ceilings, drop us a line.

The lab scene is changing. Are you on board?

All businesses change, adapt and grow to meet the needs of the changing times. So does yours, the question is, are you aware of the changes that have come to place in the last decade?

Let us bring you up to speed.

Up until a decade ago, in the path lab business things were done manually, reports were made manually, sorted and mailed manually, sometimes not reaching the intended recipient, sometimes not reaching anywhere at all, ergo causing great distress to both the lab and the patient.

Managing day to day lab problems was another issue, inventory management, redundant printing costs, and human resource management for these tasks was important, not to even mention the drain on energy it was to actually supervise these processes manually.

But then things changed, people got technology that was simplified enough to be used by anyone, and this technology connected people in the best ways possible, it made sharing data and information convenient, simple and fast.

When people began communicating more efficiently, it made businesses realise that they could do the same with their clients. After all faster communication leads to happier clients and in general, more efficient business models. Our software is making businesses efficient, profitable and even scalable.

And our mobile application is also making people’s lives convenient, and helping people live healthier more efficient lives.

Laboratories that have kept up with the times have upgraded to using these software, and are making profits by saving on unnecessary costs like printing, mailing and maintaining unnecessary and inefficient employees. They have realized the prowess of automation and are harnessing it to maximise profits and increase margins, they also have better customer retention precisely because they are so efficient at what they do, and they do all of this consistently.

All the possibilities that were not, have been enabled by LIMS (Laboratory information management software), you can monitor resources comfortably and efficiently with LIMS’s integrated inventory management software , you never miss deliveries with LIMS’s integrated delivery management software and work flow is now at your fingertips and accessible wherever you are thanks to LIMS’s cloud based storage.

You also never have to worry about data safety because both your and the patients login are secure. They can access their reports on the move as well because, you guessed it, cloud storage! Your patients are happy with the new systems in place because it just works! Works for them, works for hospitals and works for the laboratories

And why it works is no mystery, it is hands down the best Laboratory management system in position yet, it is also ready for NABL accredited labs.

Is your business model scalable?

Let us help you with that.

It is every entrepreneur’s dream to make his/her business grow. We understand that and ergo we have a product that makes your business model scalable, but first what is scalability? Do we understand the concepts of scalability?

What scalability is, “it is the capacity of your company to maintain or improve profit margins as the sales volume increases.”

It is the ability to grow. Without a scalable model no industry can survive, because a non scalable model flies right in the face of consistent delivery. And without being able to consistently deliver and meet the market requirements, no matter how efficient your product/ service be, failure is the only outcome guaranteed.

Scalability is short for

S-Sustainable – any scalable business must first be self sustaining, without sustainability, it is impossible for a business model to even hope for having a scalable model.

C-pro-Commitment – to make your model scalable, you must first be ready to commit to the move, it is a big decision and should most certainly not be taken faintly,  to upscale your industry, you will be taking the risks associated with moving to a new market, you will also need to make a big commitment. But once you have made the commitment, with conviction you are ready to move up in the game.

A-Achievable – the goals that you set for your industry must be achievable (read realistic), it is always a good idea to set small targets and then meet them consistently, this not only helps you trace your growth it also keeps the company morale high, over time, these goals can be made more aggressive to suit the growing business needs.

L-Liable – any good business should have social liability, a business that makes principle centred business its core value and upholds only the highest ethical standards will be in the long run, considered a benchmark for business practices in its own time, unethical practices are rewarding for the short term, but they just do not sit well when you’re in it for the long haul.

A-Adaptive – all good business’s are adaptive, they keep up to date with current market trends, and in order for your small business to grow into that multifaceted industry that you’ve always dreamt of, you must do the same, keeping on learning is absolutely crucial for your business to thrive.

B-Branding – the need for branding cannot be overstated, without there being a general awareness among your target demographic regarding the company’s presence in the market, you will never get the business you need to grow.

L- Liaisons – collaboration is the stuff of growth, without collaboration, the products and services that are perceived to be giants in the industry today wouldn’t exist. You need to be associated with the right people who understand your business needs and can help you boost your efficiency.

E-Earnest – and finally, every business that plans to make it big needs to be earnest in its efforts to grow, for without desire there is no action, and without action there are no results.

And in the pathology lab sector scalability does not only depend on having more patient inflow, it also depends on strategic acquisition of new markets, or put simply, to have more than one branch in operation (and then more), the idea behind this is to get your business placed within the reach of more people.

The big question remains though, how does one operate multiple facilities efficiently and effortlessly without increasing cost to company by a ridiculous margin?

The answer is simple, a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Software), with its inbuilt centralized branch management lets you access all of your operations across multiple branches or collection centres via your cell phone. Along with that, an integrated inventory management lets you manage your reagents consumption across all those places with absolute ease. Thus taking care of your need to visit them frequently or spending most part of your day managing operations instead of focussing on expansion.

The software also ensures complete database management with its cloud based storage, this includes all the patient appointments, reports and deliveries across all of your laboratories.

Such is the power of transparent management, just imagine for a moment, a business model that is immune to inefficiency, leakage, delays and mismanagement. A model that is now, within your reach.

Effective vs Ineffective Medical Laboratories

Every day we come across laboratories that are immensely effective, proficient and successful at what they do. And then there are those that never quiet seem to get what is wrong with their entire business model. These laboratories struggle to survive, let alone thrive. And are most certainly not scalable.

In today’s article we plan to explore what sets these laboratories apart.

An unsuccessful laboratory struggles with issues from the past like, report and patient database management, report delivery management, and a general lack of technology designed specifically to make these processes effortless for both the patient and the lab. They constantly suffer delays in delivery, have to perform redundant retests and are constantly missing inventory. That affects the bottom line, and leads to unacceptable margins.

And even if they possess the competence required to survive the market, what they lack is efficiency and consistency.


What sets a successful laboratory apart from an unsuccessful laboratory is simple- efficiency, consistency and competence. Notice how competence comes in third. There is a reason for that, only laboratories that have a reputation for being efficient will get a chance to be competent.

Any lab that makes efficiency, consistency and competence its core values is bound to be successful

Efficiency– is the ability to deliver on the commitment made to the client with optimised input from the laboratories’ end. Basically, every time you deliver a client a report on time, with optimised cost on the laboratories’ end, you save. And savings lead to an effective business model.

Consistency– is the ability to do this continuously and without fail, consistency is what gets your laboratory recognition and in time, reputation, and like they say, good fame is better than a good face. Your lab can have world class infrastructure, equipment and technology, but if it is not consistent in delivering results, recurrent business is going to be hard for you to get.

Competence– is the ability of your lab to deliver quality results. This factor completes the ability of your lab to become more than just a lab. For it to grow into the enterprise that it deserves to be.

And together, these values make your business model efficient. And efficient is what you want.

Here’s how we help you achieve these goals.

Our LIMS, helps you, by boosting efficiency, consistency, productivity and convenience.

  • LIMS’s patient management software helps you boost efficiency by letting you manage patient databases effectively.
  • Ensuring timely report delivery and in general, making things fast and convenient for both the patient and the lab.
  • Our integrated inventory management software also ensures that you never suffer unacceptable losses when it comes to inventory management.
  • We use cloud storage to store your data, thus ensuring that you deliver upon commitments consistently. You have access to all the data. All the time, everywhere you go.
  • With our cutting edge technology, you will never have to worry about losing touch with your work, or being left out of the loop. We make all of it easy for you.

At cloudchowk, we make sure that your business transcends it’s limitations and becomes a scalable business model.

How LIMS Helps Patients Live Healthy Lives

Imagine, you go to a hospital and hand over all your paperwork from years of medical treatment (both major and minor) only to find that that one blood report or that one X-Ray report that you JUST got done a week ago is missing from your inventory. Now, upon the doctor’s insistence you need to get it done again.

And again wouldn’t have been much of an issue (I mean you’re in the hospital anyway, right?), if you didn’t have to wait. Wait for the diagnosis, wait for the report to be made, and finally, for it to be sent over to you. Now all that you have to do is to go to the doctor again (and then inevitably wait in his chambers). And this, is when again starts to be an issue.

Every day, people do not get the treatment they deserve, only because of such delays, but with the technology that we now have, such redundant problems will be a thing of the past. The software’s inbuilt patient records management software makes the right information available to the right professionals at the right time, so that the correct line of treatment can not only be established but also implemented timely.

And that has tremendous implications on the community health and general well being all over. At cloudchowk, what motivates us is this vision of the future where people can get timely professional attention. We believe that everyone should be in control of every little aspect of their health, and that begins with enabling them to monitor their health. Book appointments with laboratories and receive reports with ease the likes of which you would never have experienced before.

Now imagine,

You walk up to the reception of a medical treatment facility (another fancy word for a hospital) show the guy sitting at the counter your cell phone.  He tells you that the doctor will see you now.

Once inside, when the doctor asks you for your lab reports to review, you hand him your cell phone again. He looks at it, and then proceeds to tell you your line of treatment, and whenever you want to refer to his treatment notes you just have to look back to your cell phone.

Sounds futuristic?

The future is here. No more hassles over missing paperwork. No more unesscesary re-tests. No more waiting for appointments. With cloudchowk’s inbuilt patient health records management software (PHR). We make the experience of getting the right medical treatment seamless. And seamless is good.

Here is how LIMS helps you save money

Laboratory Information management software is, to simplify-automation, and automation is good for any business. Today, let us explain to you how this simple software helps you go big on savings.

1. No more missing inventory

With an in built inventory management software we make sure you have zero leakage. The software also alerts you in case you run low on supplies.

2. Digitized reports means savings on printing costs and a per year reduction on office supplies (and its eco-friendly)

Office supplies like the paper you print reports on might not seem like much of savings but trust us, they are. With an average annual consumption of 10,000 sheets per year and the average printing cost per sheet being Rs. 3/sheet, that amounts to over Rs. 30,000 pa.

save money with LIMS software3. Save on mailing costs

All reports are automatically allocated to the patients unique ID. Where they can always access it. No more paperwork, sorting and mailing.

4. No more delays for the patient

With the inbuilt report management on the application, the patient can save, download and print their reports instantaneously.

Happy patient – Recurrent Business

5. Makes sure your patients never miss appointments and you, never miss business.

Patients can log in to the mobile application and choose to be alerted for any upcoming appointments.

6. No more recurrent storage costs

Every year, laboratories spend money on maintenance, upkeep and upgrade of data storage units (read- computers). With LIMS’s cloud based storage you never have to worry about that. Also, computers have a reputation to crash. But, having data stored on a cloud will keep it safe from all physical damage. So you never have to worry about data loss.

The Gist: the future is here, are you in?

What Makes Cloud Based Applications Popular?

In our last post we discussed the advantages of using cloud based LIMS software for labs. But what are web applications? And what makes them better than traditional web enabled applications?

A cloud based (or web based) application is purely an online application interface. Such applications which do not require installation at user’s computer. Any application, which can be accessed through a web browser, is a cloud based application.

How is it different from Web Enabled Application?

A web enabled application needs to be installed at user’s computer.  Any application that can be accessed through a web browser but requires installation on user’s computer is web enabled application.

Limitations of Web-Enabled-Applications

Operating a web enabled application involves the following issues/limitations –

You start with buying, installing and managing these services on your personal computer.

Over a period of time they need to be upgraded.

They are sure to become outdated technology over time. You have only two options – Either continue with it, or switch over to a new technology, which again is a tedious work because the old technology is not fully integrated with the new technology.

Why go for Cloud based Software

Web based software or cloud based software has given a new meaning to how information is stored, accessed and managed. They have taken care of data management and storage needs of the user. The only basic requirement here is a browser and an internet connection. Cloud service provider takes care of the software and services like storage infrastructure and backup.

The key benefits and feature of cloud based applications are –

Functionality and cost: Simplified architecture of web based systems reduces the cost and increases functionality. As the infrastructure resides with cloud vendor there is no need for on-site maintenance and up gradation of software at user end. The up gradation and maintenance is hassle free. Services like storage, backup, infrastructure and up gradation are all provided by cloud vendor.

Automatic updating and backup: Since data is updated server side, it is not only cost effective but up-to-date too which ensures accurate and timely provision of data to users.

Responsiveness: Centralization of data makes it accessible and responsive to business needs from anywhere.

The user is always using the updated version of application and not an outdated one. This ensures shift of focus from software to work and brings about positive impact on business.

Business growth: Business house can focus on increasing its productivity & growth as the technical needs of business are in the hands of cloud vendor.

Pay as you go: Huge investments in infrastructure are not needed as the pricing is subscription based. You pay as you go. Billing is on consumption basis. It saves capital requirements and helps cash flow of business.

Security: Any computerized system carries the risk of intrusion. At times the companies have to invest a lot to overcome such situations. Cloud vendor makes sure that the data on servers is secure and protected. The need to move around data is taken care of. The data is centralized at highly secured data center and can be accessed any time by the user.

Consistency of services is always a welcome benefit.

Deploying of resources to end user is easy and rapid.

Our software for medical labs, clinics and patients ride on the cloud. You will never have to install anything on your device. It does not get easier than this. To learn more about our cloud based healthcare software, visit

Why Your Lab Needs an LIMS?

Data is at the heart of every laboratory’s operations, and managing that data in intelligent ways is crucial to any lab accomplishing its goals.

As has happened in so many other fields, the internet revolution has forever changed the way that pathologists and radiologists deal with their data. And the latest breakthrough in lab data management is the rise of cloud-based “Laboratory Information Management Software,” or LIMS.

These cloud-hosted solutions give labs a centralized portal for storing and displaying all their information. Because they are remotely hosted with multiple redundant layers of information backup, there is virtually no chance of losing data, and all data is accessible from anywhere that you have an internet-connected device.

Obviously the ability to securely store, backup, and remotely access lab data is crucial to any storage system. But LIMS software benefits go far beyond simple storage and backup. Here’s a look at some of the additional functionality that a cloud based LIMS offer these days:

1. Aggregated Data across Branches

It’s common for labs with multiple collection centres in separate locations to send patient samples to their main centre. Of the major LIMS software advantages, this one allows physically separate labs to store their info in a unified system. You can create different user permissions to make sure that all staff has access to the appropriate data, and allow view and edit option to only the ones that are working on those samples.

2. Increased Data Security

If you are interested in LIMS, then you will surely appreciate the built-in data security that the system gives you. If you need to restrict access to certain sections so that only designated personnel on your staff can view and edit them, then you simply edit their user permissions and it’s done. If you want certain pages to be viewable to some users, but not editable, you can do that too. This makes it easy to assign all of your staff access to the right segments of data, without compromising the security of sensitive info or risking violations of privacy regulations.

3. Expandable Storage

Depending on the type and volume of data your lab creates, getting enough storage for your electronic files can be a real issue. One of the key LIMS software benefits is that by storing your information in the cloud, it is easy to expand your system’s storage capacity as your data grows. Some providers even offer “limitless” storage plans, so that no matter how much room your information needs, there will always be enough storage, and your costs will not increase.

4. Simplified Reporting

The LIMS software advantages also include the ability to generate beautiful, detailed reports instantly, using the system’s built-in reporting features. You can create graphs and charts using any combination of the data sets stored in your system and then modify those charts so that the data is displayed in the clearest way possible. You can even sync the charts to your system so that your reports are updated as your data set evolves. No more porting your data across multiple pieces of software to create your reports, and no more constantly editing reports as new data arrives.

5. Sending Reports to Patients

Most of the cloud based LIMS will let you automatically create login accounts for your patients so that they can easily view/download their report online without the need to visiting your lab. This saves them valuable time and makes them a loyal customer. In a mobile first world, offering patients an option to view their reports online via a mobile app could be a game changer for your business.

6. Appointment Management Done Right

If you work in a medical lab or another situation where you have regular appointments, an LIMS can help you manage that information as well. You can create an electronic portal that shows your clients and patients all available times, and then lets them book appointments automatically through the system. Their profiles on the calendar are also synced to their profiles in your LIMS, so that it is very easy to pull their information and have it ready and waiting when they arrive at your lab.

7. Inventory Management

Yet another role your LIMS can fill is that of inventory tracker and manager. You can see exactly what is being used when, and by whom, and use that information to forecast expenses, cut down on waste, and ensure that you never run low on critical supplies. If you are worried about running out of something without noticing, set up an inventory alert, and the system will automatically notify you when the stock decreases past a certain threshold. With an LIMS, you can stop worrying about inventories and focus on the important work in your lab.

Upgrade your lab with cloudchowk’s cloud based LIMS. To request a demo visit, click here.