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Busting These Health Related Myths

We have already talked to you about some common health related myths. Today we will talk to you about some more common myths that have been going around and just won’t fade away. These are myths that are debunked by science and we will tell you exactly why and how these are not true.

1. Microwave kills nutrients in food

This is something that has been doing rounds on the internet lately; the claims have been that microwaving food is one sure shot way to make your food lose its nutrient value.

This is not entirely true. While microwaving food has been shown to degrade some very specific nutrients in the food that you consume, it does not apply to all nutrients in specific and something that you must notice is that these nutrients are lost by conventional cooking methods as well.

While we agree that microwaving food does result in uneven heating and loss of texture in food, it most certainly does not lead to loss of nutrition.

2. Regular bowel movement is necessary

It is a common misconception that your bowel movements need to be regular and frequent.

While it is a good thing if they are, unless you are constipated or have loose watery stools, you need not fret about it a lot. One thing that you must understand is that a better indicator of your digestive health is not the frequency but the consistency that you defecate. To understand what your stool consistency has to say about your health, you must refer to this chart.

3. MSG is bad for you

Monosodium glutamate has been held responsible for a variety of problems. These problems include,

a. Constant headaches and
b. Weight gain

The reason why MSG being harmful to health is a myth because it is not established scientifically, and these symptoms are observed in a very small population and not noticeable at all when consumed in small amounts.

4. Eating carbs/fatty foods makes you fat

Now, this one might not seem like a myth to you, but you need to understand that there is a difference between healthy and unhealthy carbs and fats.

When people say that carbs and fats are unhealthy for you, they are simply oversimplifying things.

See, you cannot put walnuts (rich in fats) in the same category as fries (also rich in fats) because the latter does not contain the same number of essential nutrients as the former. Moreover, eating whole food fats will lead to be satiated for longer and keep you full for longer.

The same rules apply to carbs, there is nothing wrong with eating whole foods rich in carbs, but you need to avoid refined and highly processed carbs.

5. Your weight measures your health

This has to be true, right? This is something that we have seen since forever, you weight measures how fit or unfit you are. The reason for this is that the scale treats your fat and muscle the same, one pound of fat is the same as pound of muscle, which is why when you work out regularly, you will find a slight increase in your weight after you have just lost some.

We are at the forefront when it comes to getting to you the most relevant information with regards to your health care and maintenance. Keep watching this space for more.

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