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Busting Myths about LIMS Software

Laboratory information management software has its fair share of misunderstanding and myths surrounding it, today we reveal which ones are myths and which ones not.

We asked prospects what they were anxious about when considering the upgrade, this is what was revealed to us-

LIMS is an expensive upgrade

Most people believe that LIMS is an expensive upgrade that is going to take up most of their resources. This is a myth. This is only true because they have never been exposed to anything but international systems that cost a fortune and are yet ineffective in the Indian scenario. The cloudchowk’s LIMS software is designed keeping the Indian scenario in mind, it is not only affordable, it is better than most of its more expensive counterparts.

LIMS is not for start-ups

All start-ups have humble beginnings and it is therefore that they feel that they cannot possibly afford automation immediately, this is again a myth, because they totally can, and should, it is absolutely necessary for a lab to have a performance oriented approach to become viable business entity in the future, and it is our belief that in a paperless future your only bet is to go for it, firstly because its necessary, and secondly because it is now affordable.

LIMS is a luxury, not a necessity

The markets are growing ever competitive, and the competition is not going to dwindle any time in the near future, this fact makes this a myth. In order to survive the turbulent market that is what it is right now, you definitely need to have the competitive edge, LIMS is the competitive advantage that you need to sail far ahead of any competition that has the disadvantage of not being automated.

LIMS is not user friendly

This is a myth. The cloudchowk’s LIMS has the best, most user friendly interface in the industry, we make advanced computing seem like child’s play. You have to try it to believe how easy it is.

LIMS requires technical Expertise

Well, this one is true, but, we ensure that getting this expertise to you becomes our job, we ensure that we make things as simple for you as possible so you can focus on your work, and be effective without breaking a sweat.

LIMS does not guarantee profits

This is also true, LIMS is a service to boost your efficiency and productivity, just one of the factors determining your profits, but it does add the necessary value that your business needs, to grow.

Let us know if you agree with what we have to say, drop us a line.

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