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Dengue, The Monsoon Fever of India

When things were looking bleak for agriculturists, the Indian government was quick to announce the arrival of monsoon. As puddles fill our roads again, we will be welcomed by serious health problems as well, the most common being Dengue. A serious threat to locals and tourists alike, Dengue fever claims

Monsoon Diseases, stay away!

For a nation that suffers summer for most of the year, rain comes as a welcome surprise. Sometimes it’s good enough to sit inside with some spare thoughts and tea, feeling chuffed about the weather outside, but other times we find ourselves wanting to dance in the rain and really

Countering Antibiotic Resistance- Learning from the world

In our previous post, we discussed the numerous problems posed by the antibiotic resistance to the entire world. As we mentioned, the situation is severe in BRIC countries-Brazil, Russia, India and China- but other developing countries are not better off. In fact, in some places, the ‘post-antibiotic’ era which we

A New Era – Antibiotic Resistance and why all of us need to take it seriously.

Although advances in modern medicine, and healthcare delivery have enabled drugs combating previously life-threatening diseases to become readily available, increasing abuse and overuse of such drugs has resulted in an unprecedented rise of drug-resistant microorganisms. Recent studies have revealed alarming data about antibiotic resistance, with the result that the WHO