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Is your business model scalable?

Let us help you with that.

It is every entrepreneur’s dream to make his/her business grow. We understand that and ergo we have a product that makes your business model scalable, but first what is scalability? Do we understand the concepts of scalability?

What scalability is, “it is the capacity of your

Effective vs Ineffective Medical Laboratories

Every day we come across laboratories that are immensely effective, proficient and successful at what they do. And then there are those that never quiet seem to get what is wrong with their entire business model. These laboratories struggle to survive, let alone thrive. And are most certainly not scalable.


How LIMS Helps Patients Live Healthy Lives

Imagine, you go to a hospital and hand over all your paperwork from years of medical treatment (both major and minor) only to find that that one blood report or that one X-Ray report that you JUST got done a week ago is missing from your inventory. Now, upon the

Here is how LIMS helps you save money

Laboratory Information management software is, to simplify-automation, and automation is good for any business. Today, let us explain to you how this simple software helps you go big on savings.

1. No more missing inventory

With an in built inventory management software we make sure you have zero leakage. The software also

What Makes Cloud Based Applications Popular?

In our last post we discussed the advantages of using cloud based LIMS software for labs. But what are web applications? And what makes them better than traditional web enabled applications?

A cloud based (or web based) application is purely an online application interface. Such applications which do not require installation