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Simplifying Parkinson’s Disease

Simplifying Parkinson’s Disease

Over 7 million people are afflicted with Parkinson’s disease in our country. It is hardly a life once the disease kicks in, so it pays to know what it’s about and how to know if you have it.

What Is Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder that causes

One in a Million, Literally

You know things are really bad if there isn’t someone for miles around to even document how bad it is. That’s how it is in the developing world; it’s a real healthcare crisis, where 1 billion people don’t have physical access to a hospital, clinic, doctor or medical care of

If monsoon comes, can diseases be far behind?

Once the monsoon is over, India returns to its characteristic back breaking heat. We may be becoming more used to it, but our bodies still react violently to the change no matter how many years we’ve been alive. This results in a range of health concerns that we should all

EMR : Free or Not Free

Free ambulatory EMR platforms have become  popular with physician practices — particularly independent practitioners. However, for this demographic, a free EMR can mean more than a sense of euphoria.

There are several free EMR systems available, including Practice Fusion, Hello Health and Kareo, but their revenue-generating models all differ.

Practice Fusion is the poster

Get rid of the Top Four for good!

There are a number of diseases that have become quite common over the past century. All of these typically strike quite hard and can even be fatal. They cause pain, grief, and worry not only to the patient, but also to their families and friends. However, we are not entirely