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Herbal Medicines: Are they what they claim to be?

Let’s start with a story from Dr. Kevin Pho, an internal medicine physician:

I once diagnosed a patient with high cholesterol, and prescribed him a medicine commonly known as a Statin.  When I saw him months later for follow-up, he admitted that he didn’t fill the prescription. “I took red yeast

Overcoming the challenges of Electronic Health Records (EHR)

There’s no question that healthcare needs to adopt new technology like Electronic Health Records (EHR) that makes us more effective and efficient and curbs costs. In today’s world, providers of all sizes and backgrounds continue to find it challenging to integrate existing systems with EHRs for a variety of reasons,

Challenges to EMR implementation

If you were a healthcare provider and all you did was read press releases, you’d be tempted to think that transitioning to a new EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system involved little more than opening the package and plugging in the contents. Naturally, things are a little more complicated than that,

The Relationship Between ICT and EMRs

In an emerging economy like India, the health sector’s performance is often suboptimal due to an increased burden of factors like underdevelopment, political instability, weak institutions, inadequately developed social sectors, scarcity of resources, and marked social inequalities. With low-cost innovation, cheap mobile handsets and more ‘inclusive’ solutions filling in crucial

Say hello to a better future

Imagine a record of every little medical problem you have faced, no matter how big or small but diagnosed, all kept in one place, for you to look at when or before something goes wrong. Even better, imagine the same for a near and dear one- think of how easy