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What’s In A Name-Getting it right: EMRs vs. EHRs

We often use the words EHRs and EMRs in the same context, without even thinking that the two could be different. After all, doesn’t ‘medical’ in EMR convey the same meaning as ‘health’ in EHR? But a difference does exist between the two. In theory, and by definition, the difference

Recorded Live! – Implementation of EHRs around the world

In our previous posts we’ve been over the various benefits and challenges posed by Electronic Health Records (EHRs). The bottom line is that computers are here to help us. While there are a few things which would hold back certain people from using them, we need to accept the changes

Away you go common cold!

An emergency tone rings through our minds when we feel an itchy throat. Was it the extra scoop of ice-cream last night? Or the three extra cubes of ice? Was it the sudden, piercing gust of cold wind? Sudden sneezes are just as bad. One cannot help but wonder if

Why Sleeping Beauty was a smart girl!

As we grow older, sleep becomes more and more of a luxury that we never valued when we had the chance. We find numerous ways to prep ourselves up and compensate for a lack of sleep, but sometimes no amount of caffeine can reverse the damage being done. What difference

Five essentials for your medicine cabinet

Doctors have a livelihood because we all fall sick at some time or the other. Though their expertise is irreplaceable, sometimes it is simply unavailable. For the situations in which something causes your body harm that must be remedied immediately but can be done easily, here are five things you