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When Being in Deep Waters is Good !

With the advent of the new month, we can officially welcome the summers! And like each summer, we’re pretty sure this summer is going to be filled with countless golas, nimbu-paanis and cold drinks, accompanied by an equally disturbing frequency of load shedding. So in our latest post, we present

Eat Light, Eat Right !

Summers are around the corner. As the mercury scales new heights, fruits like watermelons and melons are welcome changes, and how can mangoes be far behind? Fruits form an important part of our diet as do other food items, and it is important to develop healthy eating habits. Since summers

Beat the Summer Sickness!

It’s the month of April! Summer is almost here. It’s finally time to take out your t-shirts and shorts. But along with ice creams, colas and golas, summers are also harbingers of some deadly diseases, which might take away most of the fun. The rising mercury isn’t the only thing

When the villain starts resisting the hero

We often hear doctors remark that consumption of too many antibiotics is bad. Rather than fighting the pathogens they’re supposed to ward off, the infection causing bacteria develop immunity against the antibiotics. This might take weeks, months or years, but ‘antibiotic resistance’ is a serious issue for consumers, doctors and