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The Seven Health Habits of Highly Effective People

We think that everyone would agree that there are both effective and non-effective people around you at all times. And what separates the ineffective people from the really effective ones is their attitude towards problems, and in order to have the right attitude towards problems you need to have the right aptitude (which basically means intelligence) and everyone knows that a sound mind will only rest in a healthy body. Which is why, today we will tell you about the seven health habits that highly effective people follow to ensure that they stay effective and productive.

1. Effective people avoid tobacco

People who are effective in their lives understand that short term pleasures should not lead to long term losses, and smoking and chewing tobacco is the worst short term pleasure of all because the habit is immensely addictive. Even if you do quit, there is always that chance of a relapse. And the long term ramifications for the habit are even worse. Seriously, how can you even consider a substance that has a label that says “causes cancer”?

Smoking has also been associated with cognitive decline.(1)

So, if you smoke, make sure that you do the right thing today and kick the habit for good. And if you don’t, then don’t even consider starting.

2. Effective people work out

Working out daily helps your brain release dopamine, which is the feel good chemical in your brain, when you work out, you aren’t just getting healthier, you are also getting happier every day.

Now, you don’t have to start pushing your body to its very last limits, pushing too hard can have disadvantages too but multiple researches suggest that working out moderately (that is, to the point that you start to feel the burn) can improve your cognitive performance and affective experience.(2)

3. Effective people eat right

Eating right has always been the cornerstone of maintaining great health, the reason why eating right gets you effective is that when you eat the right kinds of foods in the right dietary quantities, you will begin to notice the difference in your cognition and these benefits are long term.

When you avoid fatty and cholesterol rich foods, what you are really avoiding is slow mental decline.

How is that?

High Cholesterol foods will lead to accumulation of beta amyloid plaque formation, this is the same material that is responsible for the degenerative process in alzheimer’s.(3)

4. Effective people drink in moderation

Drinking daily improves your cognition. Yup you heard that right! Moderate drinking especially wine has been associated with improved cognition.(4)

Wine also contains naturally occurring flavonoids that are potent antioxidants and help boost overall immunity and brain function. Make sure that you do not go over the top with the drinking though, doing this can seriously damage your health.

5. Effective people sleep right

Following the right sleep schedule is linked to better cognition and brain functioning, studies say that people who get less than 7 hours of sleep per day have lowered brain functioning and a marked decrease in workplace performance.(5)

6. Effective people have a positive mind-set

When you have negatives thoughts, you are more likely to be on a downward spiral into depression, people who understand that they need to stay positive no matter what the situation will always fare better in life than those who do not.

7. Effective people have healthy relationships

There is something called a relationship bank account, now every time that you make a promise to someone that you care about and you keep that promise, you are making a deposit into the relationship bank account, and every time that you break a promise, you are making a withdrawal from it. (6)

So, make promises with the intention of keeping those promises. Effective people understand that keeping loved ones happy is the most important thing that they need to do.

People who have healthy relationships with their loved ones tend to perform better and in general are better people.


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What is Preventive Health Check-up?

Getting a preventive health check-up today is the best thing that you can do for yourself and your family today. But before you decide that you need to get tested preventively, you need to understand what exactly preventive diagnosis is and how it benefits you and your health and in turn your financial well-being.

Preventive health check-ups are done to get tested for certain parameters of your body that can reveal much about the status of your health. Another question that you face when you want to go for a preventive health check-up and book preventive health checkup packages online is whether you really need one.

The answer to this rather basic dilemma is simple really, ask yourself when you got the last preventive medical health check-up done, and if you haven’t had one done in the last year and a half. It’s time that you get one done today. The benefits of getting medically tested preventively are many, some of which we will talk to you about today.

1. You save on tax

You never thought this would be on the list, did you? But it’s true, one of the least known provisions in the government taxation handbook. You can actually save up to Rs. 5000/- (Section 80 D, subsection 2A) of your taxable income when you get tested preventively.

2. You save on suffering

When you get tested preventively with online medical health checkup packages, you tend to stay healthy constantly which means that you will not suffer from the diseases that people normally suffer from, and that is a great thing, because when you are affected with a disease, the worst thing about the disease is the suffering and the aftermath of the condition.

3. You are in control

When you start getting tested medically, frequently and regularly, you will realise that you are in control of your health, and a great paradigm shift will take place wherein you will get understand that keeping great health is just a ,matter of acting in time, and in this case, before time.

4. You get big savings

You actually save money when you get tested medically online. There are some great health check-up packages available at your disposal anytime that you want to get tested, the idea is to get the right medical tests that the right time so that you end up not saving on your health and medical expenses.

5. You ensure your family’s wellbeing

The best people get their families tested routinely, and the reason for that is the fact that they know that the family is their responsibility and that they can control the outcome of any situation that their family has to face.

We believe that there are two types of people in the world, the reactive kind and the proactive kind. The reactive people only react to situations while the proactive ones are always ready to face any situation.

Which side are you on?

Find medical test packages and more only at Zureka.

Busting These Health Related Myths

We have already talked to you about some common health related myths. Today we will talk to you about some more common myths that have been going around and just won’t fade away. These are myths that are debunked by science and we will tell you exactly why and how these are not true.

1. Microwave kills nutrients in food

This is something that has been doing rounds on the internet lately; the claims have been that microwaving food is one sure shot way to make your food lose its nutrient value.

This is not entirely true. While microwaving food has been shown to degrade some very specific nutrients in the food that you consume, it does not apply to all nutrients in specific and something that you must notice is that these nutrients are lost by conventional cooking methods as well.

While we agree that microwaving food does result in uneven heating and loss of texture in food, it most certainly does not lead to loss of nutrition.

2. Regular bowel movement is necessary

It is a common misconception that your bowel movements need to be regular and frequent.

While it is a good thing if they are, unless you are constipated or have loose watery stools, you need not fret about it a lot. One thing that you must understand is that a better indicator of your digestive health is not the frequency but the consistency that you defecate. To understand what your stool consistency has to say about your health, you must refer to this chart.

3. MSG is bad for you

Monosodium glutamate has been held responsible for a variety of problems. These problems include,

a. Constant headaches and
b. Weight gain

The reason why MSG being harmful to health is a myth because it is not established scientifically, and these symptoms are observed in a very small population and not noticeable at all when consumed in small amounts.

4. Eating carbs/fatty foods makes you fat

Now, this one might not seem like a myth to you, but you need to understand that there is a difference between healthy and unhealthy carbs and fats.

When people say that carbs and fats are unhealthy for you, they are simply oversimplifying things.

See, you cannot put walnuts (rich in fats) in the same category as fries (also rich in fats) because the latter does not contain the same number of essential nutrients as the former. Moreover, eating whole food fats will lead to be satiated for longer and keep you full for longer.

The same rules apply to carbs, there is nothing wrong with eating whole foods rich in carbs, but you need to avoid refined and highly processed carbs.

5. Your weight measures your health

This has to be true, right? This is something that we have seen since forever, you weight measures how fit or unfit you are. The reason for this is that the scale treats your fat and muscle the same, one pound of fat is the same as pound of muscle, which is why when you work out regularly, you will find a slight increase in your weight after you have just lost some.

We are at the forefront when it comes to getting to you the most relevant information with regards to your health care and maintenance. Keep watching this space for more.

Why You Should Quit Smoking and Simple Ways to do it

We get you the most relevant information that enables you to make the right lifestyle choices and to be able to get within you, the transformation that is needed to be able to discern the healthy ones from the unhealthy ones.

Which is why we will talk to you about a habit that is as unhealthy as it is filthy. We’re going to talk to you about things that you can do to quit smoking and get a much better life for yourself and for your family.

Smoking is a habit that not only affects your health but the health of your entire family as a whole. Passive smoke is the worst kind of smoke there is and if you smoke in the house that you live in, you increase the chances of your family members getting affected by the ill effects of the monoxide heavy smoke that you subject them to.

This article tells you of the 6 most important and simple things that you need to remember when you vow to kick the butt for good.

But before that we will talk to you about why exactly is smoking unhealthy for you. Smoking is unhealthy because of wide variety of factors that affect you when you smoke. These factors are,

1. Changes in your oral environment

The first place that the smoke shows its effects is in your mouth, because this is the place that comes in contact with it first. Smoking decreases the number of healthy oral micro flora and also decreases the tendency for inflammation, which is a bad thing.

2. Changes in your lung health

Tar from the cigarettes is a compound that blocks and chokes up your alveoli (these are tiny little bags where oxygen interacts with your blood), thus reducing your vital capacity (the amount of air that your lungs can hold, the more the better).

3. Changes in your cardiovascular cycle

Smoking has been linked to numerous other changes the most important ones being related to your cardio vascular cycle, people who smoke more are at a much larger risk of a heart attack.

4. Changes in your skin

Smoking reduces the amount of collagen that your body synthesises, which is to say that your skin will appear wrinkled and age faster if you are a smoker.

5. Changes in normal function

Probably the scariest way that smoking affects your body is that you are twice as likely to develop cancer as someone who does not smoke and this is because of the many metabolic changes taking place in your body when you smoke, most of these changes occur at cellular levels.

Smoking is a very hard habit to get rid of, but you can do it if you try to do it with the right approach and for a strong enough reason.

1. Go cold turkey

There is no tapering off of cigarettes, so if you want to quit, quit cold turkey, don’t bother looking back, that old you that smoked is over and history, period.

2. Nicotine replacement therapy

If you are having troubles controlling your urges to smoke, consider nicotine replacement therapy to make sure that you stay true to your commitment of not smoking again.

3. Talk to your family

If ever you feel a very strong urge to smoke, make it a point to talk to your family and to lean on them whenever you need them.

4. Avoid triggers

It doesn’t matter if you are a social smoker of a habitual one? Are you someone who smokes 5 a day or do you smoke a packet a day, as long as you meticulously avoid any triggers that might instigate you to smoke, nothing can go wrong.

5. Don’t quit trying

Did you have a weak moment? Did you just light one up when you had already quit? The idea here is to not be too harsh on yourself and accept that this was bound to happen and identify the triggers that instigated you at the time.

6. Reward yourself

Make sure that you reward yourself appropriately at important milestones when you quit smoking.

Follow these simple steps to make sure that you are never addicted to smoking, ever again.

How To Take Care Of Your Skin This Winter?

Hey there,

This is cloudchowk and we bring to you the most relevant information with regards to healthcare there is. We believe that the right information is what enables you to get the right perspective and ability to take care of your health better and in a way that is convenient to you.

Which is why we decided to do the post around skincare for winters this time around. The idea behind the post is to ensure that your skin gets the right attention from you and that you maintain a healthy, radiant glow this season.

1. Drink lots of water

Studies suggest that drinking lots of water is crucial in maintaining the moisture in the lipid layer of your skin. Winters are a time where it is easy to get dehydrated without feeling like it. Which is why you need to get lots of water in your system. You can actually consume lukewarm water to get it to absorb faster. What is more is that warm water is good for your throat as well.

2. Moisturize, the right way

Those simple, soft moisturizers are good for your skin in the summers and early winters, but when it is very cold, you need something way more potent, which is why you need to invest in a good moisturizer, possibly something that contains glycerin or petroleum jelly.

3. Get a good sunscreen

Most people feel that they do not need sunscreen in the winters, but in fact, the sun is just as harmful for your skin in the winters as it is in the summers. So make sure that you get the right moisturizer for your skin this winters, try to get a sunscreen that has a low SPF range, because you probably don’t need as much, but you still do.

4. Get a humidifier

The most common skin problem that you face in winters is that you get dry, brittle skin. Which is the reason you need to invest in a good humidifier for your home today! Humidifiers are a good way to get at least your home environment humidity in your control even if you cannot avoid the dryness everywhere.

5. Do right by your hands

Your hands get affected worst of all by the winters, why? Because the skin on your hands is thinner than almost every other area of your body and the fact that even if you have everything else covered, your hands are still exposed to the cold. Make sure that you make it a habit to moisturize your hands as frequently as you can.

6. But don’t forget your feet

During winters your feet need care too. Make sure that they are moisturized at least twice a day, and that you do not ignore them, because when your feet get dry and they crack up is the time when you are most susceptible to prolonged damage due to the winters.

7. Try some home remedies

Do you have itchiness in the winters? Will it just not go away? Have you may be considered going herbal for your skin? Yes. Herbal remedies for skin irritations for your skin are- oatmeal or soda. Have a bath in lukewarm water with some (about a spoonful) oatmeal or the same amount of soda and notice the difference in your skin immediately.

The important thing to remember here is that you should not take a bath with hot water, hot water, while it might feel good will do your lipid layer more harm than good.

Just follow these simple steps to make sure that you get the perfect care for your skin this season and that you are always the smartest one in your circle when skin care is a concern for discussion, just remember, you read it here on cloudchowk.

7 Powerful Brain Foods To Incorporate In Your Diet Today

Hey there,

This is cloudchowk and we have made it our life’s mission to bring the latest and the most relevant information to you with regards to healthcare. Information that enables you to lead the healthy life that you deserve.

Which is why, we have compiled for you, a list of seven brain foods that help you stay at the top of your game intellectually and improve cognition and performance.

1. Whole grains

Your brain needs energy to work effectively, and it is recommended that it receives this energy at a steady continuous supply. Carbohydrates are a primary source of energy for the body.

Now while you wonder why only whole grains? When almost all other kinds of carbohydrates exist. The idea behind choosing whole grains is simple, you want foods that have a low glycaemic index. Whole grains like wheat bran, whole wheat bread and brown pasta are a rich source of quality carbohydrates.

2. Fish

Fish is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential fatty acids which occur in fish oil as EPA and DHA. These particular fatty acids help in regeneration of the neuronal sheath (the covering that protects individual Neurons) and aids neuronal function.

Eat oily fish to make sure that your brain keeps functioning optimally and efficiently.

3. Blueberries

Blueberries have been known to delay short term memory loss and aid brain activity along with improvement in motor activity and cognition according to a research conducted at Tufts University in the U.S.

The research concludes that modest daily consumption aids in boosting brain activity manifold.

4. Tomatoes

Diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia have oxidative stress as a primary cause. Oxidative stress is the ratio of your body’s antioxidants to the free reactive oxygen species in your body, also known as free radicals.

These free radicals can be counteracted with antioxidants, and tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant and also acts as a powerful anti-carcinogen.

5. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are an extremely rich source of Zinc, a trace element that is associated strongly with cognition and thinking skills. A handful a day is all you need to complete your recommended daily amount.

6. Broccoli

While most of you might not like your greens, everyone knows that they are absolutely essential for your body function. What you probably did not know is that broccoli is a very rich source of vitamin K.

And vitamin K is an essential vitamin for the normal functioning of brain and helps improve cognitive function.

7. Nuts

Another very important vitamin that you need to keep your brain in peak shape is Vitamin E. Nuts are a very rich source of Vitamin E. They have been proven to be especially helpful in preventing cognitive decline in the elderly.
We recommend that you incorporate nuts in your daily diet along with other rich sources like eggs, green leafy vegetables and brown rice.

These are some simple dietary lifestyle modifications that you can incorporate in your life to live the healthier life that you want you.

Healthy Life Choices For Young Adults

We all make life choices, choices that have the potential to take us far or take us down. Here are some tempting life choices that all young adults face and should choose wisely because these affect them in the long run. Exactly how these life choices affect your health is what we are going to talk about in the post.

1. Smoking

Smoking seems tempting in this age, this is a life choice that you are better off giving a skip to this filthy habit. We know that this might seem a bit hard to achieve for those who have already started, but take a look at the facts that point to the damage done by smoke to smokers.

  1. 9 out of 10 deaths due to lung cancer is in those that smoked
  2. Smoking causes pre-mature aging of skin
  3. Smoking and drinking combined together are the leading cause for oral cancer
  4. Apart from all these symptoms there is a general lack of stamina and early fatigue in those that smoke
  5. Smoking has also been associated with a higher risk of heart diseases and pulmonary diseases

2. Excessive drinking

While drinking in moderation is fine, drinking in binge quantities is associated with a variety of diseases like liver diseases, heart diseases, renal diseases, oro-pharyngeal and lung diseases and vascular abnormalities.

With the current norms in the society, binge drinking has become a fad. And we believe that you can do better by keeping a level headed approach and keeping away from such strong habits.

3. Food

While eating convenience foods might seem to be the right thing to do right now, it most definitely isn’t, and there is a reason for that. Convenience foods are good in a way that they boost efficiency by allowing you to get a few precious minutes every-time that you need to eat. What you do not know, however is that these foods are either fried, or otherwise unhealthy. This is why we do not suggest you eating these foods regularly.

Eating healthy today is one of the best life choices that you can make in your younger days. Eating lots of fibers and fresh veggies with a diet low in fat and oil is the best gift that you can give yourself

4. Exercise

Getting into the habit of exercising and incorporating it into your lifestyle is the best, most effective and amazing thing that you can do for your body. So no matter how busy your schedule is, we suggest that you take out at least an hour every day for your health and well being. And by exercise we don’t mean for you to be gym rat, but being regular is a must. This what we believe is something that has the potential to change your life. Spiritual well being

Another commonly ignored aspect of health and well being is your spiritual well being. The best thing that you can start doing for yourself today is to take time out to meditate and try to channelize your spiritual energy.

Meditation rejuvenates your mind and helps you deal with chronic illnesses better.

We suggest that young adults develop these healthy habits to make sure that the road ahead is smooth and hassle free.

A Very Happy Diwali From cloudchowk

Hey there,

This is cloudchowk and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Diwali. May this Diwali bring the light of knowledge and illuminate the darkness that is brought forward by ignorance and lack of knowledge thereof. We want to tell you something about Diwali this year.

What we feel Diwali really means, what the rituals are really all about.

Because we feel that Diwali is a spiritual journey vis-à-vis just a celebratory one. Here’s what the following acts symbolize on this day where light triumphs over darkness.

1. When you clean your house

Cleaning your house symbolizes cleaning of your soul of all the clutter you have been holding on to. This Diwali let your grudges, hang ups and all negative thought out. Just let them go away. You will feel cleaner, sharper and more efficient. You will also be far better at managing your emotions and be responsive instead of reactive. Not to even mention the way you will feel after letting go of these emotions.

Also, cleaning your home ensures that you have a healthy, clean surrounding that in turn leads to a healthy lifestyle.
A clean home has a lower level of chemical irritants, dust particles and asthma triggers. Having a clean house absolves you of all these risks.

2. The Lights

The lights on Diwali symbolize learning. Let this Diwali motivate you to learn something new. It could be a new book that you wanted to read for a while, it could be a new instrument that you wanted to play for a while or it could be a club that you wanted to joint but couldn’t find the time to. This Diwali make sure that you vow to make time for your own development and make time for new skill acquisition.

Acquiring new skills have been closely linked to personal satisfaction, leading a satisfied life without the regrets of not having tried something new is what you need to keep healthy and stay fit, this helps maintain your psychological balance and helps you develop cognitive abilities like anything else rarely does.

3. The fireworks

The fireworks on Diwali symbolize the sound that keeps evil away. This Diwali, commit to yourself to keep all evil thoughts away, remember, you mind is a garden, your thoughts, seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds. Just remember to banish all negativity from your life, and watch it take a turn for the better. One very good way to go about it is to see the problem that you have right now and ask yourself if the solution is in your control. If yes, do something about it, if no, realize that there is no point feeling negative about something that is anyways, not in your control.

“Gallo, Linda C.; Matthews, Karen A.Psychological Bulletin, Vol 129(1), Jan 2003, 10-51.” Published an article which linked negative emotions to low socioeconomic status and high levels of stress, which is definitely not good news as far as your health or pockets are concerned. We strongly suggest that you try to develop a strong, keen mind-set that is immune to negativity while understanding that this is a process that has an associated learning curve.

4. The Guests

And when you have guests over this Diwali, appreciate the company that you have today. Just let everything else go and enjoy this festival of light to your heart’s content with your friends, family and loved ones. Why you ask?

Because, socializing has been shown to be beneficial for your health in more ways than one. People who socialize and have more positive interactions with those around them have a healthier lifestyle vis-à-vis those that don’t.  So, go out there and meet people, have stimulating conversations with those around you. And start living healthy.

Once again, Wishing all our readers a very prosperous and Happy Diwali.

Arthritis Prevention, Care and Myths

Hey there,

On 12th October, 2015 we had world arthritis day.

So, our team at cloudchowk decided that it was that time of the year where we tell you more about the disorder that affects and debilitates many. The disease affects 50 million people across the globe and that number is going to hit 67 million by the year 2030. In this post we talk about myths surrounding the disorder, but first, we want you to understand the disorder, like – What causes it? What are the signs and symptoms of first getting arthritis? And what you can do to prevent it.

What causes arthritis?

Arthritis is a disorder that affects the joints, it presents itself as pain and inflammation in the multiple joints. The causes of arthritis are multi factorial, mostly it is caused by the regular wear and tear of the cartilage between the joints, sometimes the cause is genetic, but the symptoms always remain the same.

The signs and symptoms of first getting arthritis

When a person gets arthritis, the first thing that happens is that they start to notice pain in the joints that are affected. Inflammation follows and one of the last signs to appear is the stiffness of the joints.

How to prevent arthritis?

Even though there is no sure shot way to prevent arthritis, however what you can do to help is simpler than you think.

1. Eat healthy
2. Do not exert your joints more than they are capable of
3. Eat the right power foods for bones and,
4. In case of an injury, get prompt medical attention.

Now, there are certain myths that go around with regards to the disorder. We thought we’d take a moment to clear the fog and help you see clearly what the disease is all about.

1. There is only one kind of arthritis

There are over 100 types of arthritis. So if you thought that there was only one you are off by about 99. Arthritis comes in many shapes and sizes. The most common type is osteoarthritis, which is caused by the gradual wear and tear that occurs in the joints throughout your life.

Another kind that is more common than you think and is a far more feared kind, rheumatoid arthritis. This is so because rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder,i.e. this is caused by your body’s immune system attacking its own components.

2. You cannot do anything about it

Well this is true in the sense that you cannot prevent the occurrence of the disease but you can most definitely reduce your risk by a rather large margin by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and by choosing to treat your body the way it should be treated.

What we want to say is that you can do the one thing that is immensely sensible, eat right, sleep right, maintain a healthy lifestyle and you will have a lower chance of developing the disease later in life.

3. Diet is never a factor

What you eat is who you are, but what you eat also affects your overall well being and the status of the disease. Eating healthy, powerful foods have been known to avert the risk factor for the disease and even helps you mitigate the risk factor for the disease.

Research suggests that the Mediterranean diet, i.e. diet that includes olive oil and a fish, have been beneficial in mitigating the risk of the disease.

4. You cannot exercise

If you have arthritis, people will tell you that you cannot exercise, even your trainer will tell you not to. Just don’t work out that hard. Studies suggest that while working out hard is a sure shot way to get that knee of yours to break; working out within the range of motion and with light weights has actually been known to help get rid of the stiffness and even prevent the onset of it.

Slow, easy motions go a long way in treating the pain that you do not necessarily have to endure. so get out there, get back to the gym, or workout at home, doesn’t matter as long as you keep things slow and steady.

5. Cracking knuckles causes arthritis

This is just a ridiculously crazy myth. Cracking knuckles has nothing to do with you developing arthritis, no studies authenticate this claim. But if, you are really into cracking your knuckles you would do better to stop. Why? Because it’s annoying, that’s why!

6. Arthritis is not that common

We have mentioned the stats and figures about arthritis already. What you must calculate is that if 50 million people globally have arthritis, than you are not alone in the fight against the disease.

The best cure, they say, is prevention. The best way to fight a disease is to see it coming and to be prepared for it. That is why we have custom arthritis check-up packages for you over at Zureka. Head on out get tested, feel safe.

Why You Need to Maintain these Daily Good Health Habits?

Hey there,

Today we talk about something that everybody is well aware of. The five habits that we talk about here are very well known to all of us but seldom understood in all their entirety.

We tell you why and how these simple day to day habits are beneficial for you and your family in the long run.

1. Bathe daily

Bathing daily has unbelievable advantages. Most of which you are already aware of. But did you know that bathing hot and cold water is different, both have their benefits.

Advantages of bathing with cold water

a. Improves libido – Yes! According to a study, bathing in cold water has been known to improve sexual drive in men.
b. Helps with depression – Bathing with cold water kick-starts the nervous system by boosting the naturally circulating endorphins in the body.

Advantages of bathing with warm water

a. The cheapest contraceptive – Studies show that men who bathe with warm water daily experience a decrease in sperm count and motility. Don’t worry though, this is temporary.
b. Anti – microbicidal – Warm water has anti-microbicidal properties that help in maintaining a clean and healthy skin.

2. Eat right

Eating right can never be overemphasized. When they say that you are what you eat, they mean it.

Ideally, your diet should include all of these –

1. Vitamins – These are vital elements that your body cannot secrete.
2. Fats – Saturated and unsaturated, they have their own value.
3. Minerals – Minerals are the trace elements that are essential for sustenance of life.
4. Proteins – Proteins metabolize all other nutrients.
5. Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are the building block of the body.

3. Exercise

Exercising is one way of ensuring you stay in peak physical form and keep most diseases at bay all the time.
Working out regularly also ensures a healthy heart and lungs.

4. Yoga

The western world is touting yoga as the next big thing, and we have known for centuries that it is the biggest thing that you can do to massively improve the quality of life that you live.

Practice every day, start out with simple asanas and move on to the more complicated ones. You will start to notice a difference in your health status.

5. Smile

You don’t only smile when you feel good. You also feel good when you smile. It works both ways.

When you smile, your body releases chemicals called endorphins, and endorphins are feel good chemicals synthesized by your body. Make sure that you make it a point to smile at least 20 times a day, even if for no reason at all.

You will start to see a positive change in your life.

What we have just told you may seem simple, most of the things on this post you might even know already. But hey! Who says reminders are a bad thing?