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About Us

cloudchowk is a provider of premium software solutions for path labs and other healthcare facilities with the core idea being the improvement in their operational efficiency and to facilitate better patient-lab relationships. We sincerely believe there should be zero compromise when it comes to healthcare. Motivated by this thought, we offer fully customized Lab management solutions that not only ensure better management of Labs but also a far superior and infinitesimally more convenient experience for their patients.

Our lab listing portal Zureka empowers the consumer by making the right information available at the right time and location. The portal help its users locate and identify diagnostic labs based on the services offered, distance and hour of operations among many others. The users can also request sample pick ups, make bookings right from the portal and get discount coupons. To top it off, we have collaborations with laboratories both individual and chains that help you get superior care without having to shell out more.

Zureka in a nutshell was conceived to meet the following needs of the industry:

1. To empower you: to empower people, help them decide for themselves, and make absolute transparency a practice.
2. To help boost personal efficiency: busy hectic lives have made it difficult to spend time and energy on tasks like finding and locating a good and reliable diagnostics centre around you.
3. To empower labs: Many of the independent and small labs offer better prices as well as services. We believe it’s the right time that these small but good diagnostic labs start getting an online presence.
4. To evolve the industry: Every sector needs to evolve, and it’s time healthcare does as well. It need to make sure that it keeps up with the technological advancements of the time.

At cloudchowk, we also innovate and create new facilities for the healthcare sector, we believe that merging IT sector efficiently with the healthcare industry is the way for mutual growth for both. It is this innovative and lateral thinking that has been our tool of choice in crafting a tomorrow that is ready for the future.