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A Very Happy Diwali From cloudchowk

Hey there,

This is cloudchowk and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Diwali. May this Diwali bring the light of knowledge and illuminate the darkness that is brought forward by ignorance and lack of knowledge thereof. We want to tell you something about Diwali this year.

What we feel Diwali really means, what the rituals are really all about.

Because we feel that Diwali is a spiritual journey vis-à-vis just a celebratory one. Here’s what the following acts symbolize on this day where light triumphs over darkness.

1. When you clean your house

Cleaning your house symbolizes cleaning of your soul of all the clutter you have been holding on to. This Diwali let your grudges, hang ups and all negative thought out. Just let them go away. You will feel cleaner, sharper and more efficient. You will also be far better at managing your emotions and be responsive instead of reactive. Not to even mention the way you will feel after letting go of these emotions.

Also, cleaning your home ensures that you have a healthy, clean surrounding that in turn leads to a healthy lifestyle.
A clean home has a lower level of chemical irritants, dust particles and asthma triggers. Having a clean house absolves you of all these risks.

2. The Lights

The lights on Diwali symbolize learning. Let this Diwali motivate you to learn something new. It could be a new book that you wanted to read for a while, it could be a new instrument that you wanted to play for a while or it could be a club that you wanted to joint but couldn’t find the time to. This Diwali make sure that you vow to make time for your own development and make time for new skill acquisition.

Acquiring new skills have been closely linked to personal satisfaction, leading a satisfied life without the regrets of not having tried something new is what you need to keep healthy and stay fit, this helps maintain your psychological balance and helps you develop cognitive abilities like anything else rarely does.

3. The fireworks

The fireworks on Diwali symbolize the sound that keeps evil away. This Diwali, commit to yourself to keep all evil thoughts away, remember, you mind is a garden, your thoughts, seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds. Just remember to banish all negativity from your life, and watch it take a turn for the better. One very good way to go about it is to see the problem that you have right now and ask yourself if the solution is in your control. If yes, do something about it, if no, realize that there is no point feeling negative about something that is anyways, not in your control.

“Gallo, Linda C.; Matthews, Karen A.Psychological Bulletin, Vol 129(1), Jan 2003, 10-51.” Published an article which linked negative emotions to low socioeconomic status and high levels of stress, which is definitely not good news as far as your health or pockets are concerned. We strongly suggest that you try to develop a strong, keen mind-set that is immune to negativity while understanding that this is a process that has an associated learning curve.

4. The Guests

And when you have guests over this Diwali, appreciate the company that you have today. Just let everything else go and enjoy this festival of light to your heart’s content with your friends, family and loved ones. Why you ask?

Because, socializing has been shown to be beneficial for your health in more ways than one. People who socialize and have more positive interactions with those around them have a healthier lifestyle vis-à-vis those that don’t.  So, go out there and meet people, have stimulating conversations with those around you. And start living healthy.

Once again, Wishing all our readers a very prosperous and Happy Diwali.

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