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5 Brain Foods For Your Young Ones

The world is a competitive playground for your little one. And the way it has become is that, in order to ensure your child’s success you must ensure that he/she has the competitive advantage and the edge that is required for him/her to succeed in the world that has grown increasingly competitive.

And one thing that you can do to ensure that your child has the advantage that they deserve is to make sure that you get them the right nutrition.

We have compiled for you, a list of 5 simple food items that you can incorporate within your child’s diet to make sure that they stay sharp and stay bright.

1. Eggs

The wonder food. The sheer quantity of proteins, minerals and nutrients in eggs are sure to give your child the boost that he needs to perform.

Not only that, kids love eggs, scramble them, fry them even hard-boiled eggs are well.

Vegetarians should replace this with paneer.

Received by kids.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in gram positive lactobacilli, this is good for the digestive system. This directly affects your child’s nutrition absorption.

Yogurt that has full fat is good for the brain. This keeps your child’s brain cells protected and in peak form and function.

3. Greens

Fresh leafy greens are the best source of folate and vitamins, green leafy vegetables are the best way to ensure delaying the progression of dementia later in life.

Make sure that your child gets the right amount of fresh, green leafy foods to make sure that your child’s brain stays in peak working condition.

4. Fish

Fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. Both of these are essential for brain growth and function.

Studies have established the role of these acids in improving cognitive functions and that people who get more of these perform better at completing complex mental tasks.

Vegetarians can replace this with flax seeds.

5. Nuts and seeds

These are an absolute perfect source of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Nuts and seeds are also known to release endorphins, which have been known to boost the mood and keep your child’s nervous system intact.

Nuts and seeds also play an essential role in your child’s overall development and ensure that your child stays in peak physical form.

All this while, it is important to note that a sound mind rests only in a healthy body. The best way to really ensure that your child stays in his/her prime is to make sure that they stay as healthy as is possible.

Follow these simple steps to ensure your child’s well being.

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