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Busting Myths about LIMS Software

Laboratory information management software has its fair share of misunderstanding and myths surrounding it, today we reveal which ones are myths and which ones not.

We asked prospects what they were anxious about when considering the upgrade, this is what was revealed to us-

LIMS is an expensive upgrade

Most people believe that

LIMS, is it really necessary for your lab?

When you want to invest in any new business tech upgrade, it is as important to evaluate the situation critically as it is to do it complimentarily.

In this blog post we will try to critically evaluate our own services, and in the process you get to decide if getting LIMS

Solving Diagnostic Lab Industry Problems

Our Proposed Solutions.

In this post we plan to tell you what can be done to manage the problems that were discussed in the last post.

The chief problems that we identified with the lab sector in our last blog post were:

1. Monopoly

2. No Rating Systems

3. Low Competition

4. No Rate Transparency

5. No

Problems with the diagnostic labs industry in India

The diagnostic labs is without a doubt the most unorganized and almost chaotic business structure there is currently. All that is about to change. But, in order for things to change we must first identify the core problems associated with the industry.

The core problems that we have so far identified