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When the villain starts resisting the hero

We often hear doctors remark that consumption of too many antibiotics is bad. Rather than fighting the pathogens they’re supposed to ward off, the infection causing bacteria develop immunity against the antibiotics. This might take weeks, months or years, but ‘antibiotic resistance’ is a serious issue for consumers, doctors and

Trick Your Mind Away from Stress

Simple and natural ways to beat stress when it starts growing on you

With schedules getting busier with each generation, the corresponding stress keeps on piling up. Students suffer from examination stress. School children deal with stress related to peer pressure and homework. Adults deal with stress related to kids, loans,


We’ve all heard and read how laughter is the best medicine. There have been stories about patients diagnosed with inoperable diseases who bounced back to life simply because they started laughing more. Clichéd as it might sound, laughter is indeed the best medicine known to man. But how exactly does

Walk Your Way to a Healthier Tomorrow

Walking is often the first exercise doctors recommend us when we complain of something related to weight. It is also the first step we take to reduce weight or reduce that extra fat on the tummy. However, walking is not only a stepping stone to a lean body; it is

Fix Your Sleep

We’ve already covered the whys of getting proper sleep in previous articles. But it’s not always possible to get the right amount of sleep due to various reasons. It’s important to figure out the underlying problem and fix it to the greatest extent possible and this is what we cover