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EMR : Free or Not Free

Free ambulatory EMR platforms have become  popular with physician practices — particularly independent practitioners. However, for this demographic, a free EMR can mean more than a sense of euphoria.

There are several free EMR systems available, including Practice Fusion, Hello Health and Kareo, but their revenue-generating models all differ.

Practice Fusion is the poster

Get rid of the Top Four for good!

There are a number of diseases that have become quite common over the past century. All of these typically strike quite hard and can even be fatal. They cause pain, grief, and worry not only to the patient, but also to their families and friends. However, we are not entirely

Fruits: Making the bad good, and the good better!

We all know that fruits are healthy.
The questions that elude some of us however relate to just how healthy fruits are, which fruits are healthy and whether fruits in all forms are healthy. Experts including a team from Harvard School of Public Health in the US examined whether certain fruits