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15 Days to a Healthier You

We care about your health. Here we have a routine that is sure to get you not only physically fit, but also be in a complete state of mental and spiritual well being.

If you follow these simple step by step instructions every day for the next 15 days, you might even end up finding yourself in a place of peace and tranquility.

1. Relax

Before adapting to most regimes, you must make it a point to relax for a day prior to initiating the regime.

The day you begin the process make sure you have no work related stress and are in a state of absolute and complete relaxation- catch up on your sleep, just laze around. Get comfortable with doing nothing.

This is important because this puts you in a state where your body is comfortable and relaxed.

2. Detox

Make sure you eat nothing but fruits on this particular day. And make sure that you eat only a little of that as well.

One thing that you must however ensure is that you must drink a lot of water, at least 4-5 litres on this particular day, along with green tea 4 times a day and 5 almonds along with.

Doing this ensures that your body is rid of the toxins circulating within it. Doing this also ensures that your body’s oxidation stress is considerably reduced on the same day.

3. Cleanse

Eat a lot of roughage on this day. Roughage are foods that are high on fibre content,like whole sprouts, corn , bran, oats and boiled beans. This helps your digestive tract remove all the leftover food that’s been sticking around in your gut.

4. Nutrition

Now that your body is clean in every which way, you must ensure that you stuff it full of nutrition. How you go about it is simple, you have foods that are high in protein and carbohydrate.

One important thing to remember while doing this is that you steer clear of all the unsaturated fats and oil. Try eating with as limited oil preparation as possible.

Eating foods like green leafy vegetables is also something that you should do.

This restores the nutritive harmony in your body.

5. Exfoliate

Now that you have cleaned up from the inside it’s your turn to clean up on the outside.

What to do- you mix a handful of oatmeal with some besan, honey and eucalyptus oil till it forms a thick paste.

Now, you scrub to remove all the dirt and dead skin cells from your body. Doing this will ensure that you have radiant glowing skin.

6. Breathe

The most important process to survival is breathing. On this day, ensure that you wake up to the fresh morning air and witness sunrise. In the morning and in the evening, try to focus on how you breathe.

Evaluate, is your breathing deep or shallow? Ideally every breath that you take should be deep enough to give you the right amount of oxygen. Make sure that you breathe deep and breath long every time that you do.

Ancient yogi’s controlled every function of their body because they had control over their breathing.

7. Meditate

On the seventh day. Just sit out early in the morning and focus on nothing, be nothing. With your eyes closed feel the top of your head and then focus all the way across your body to the tip of your toes.

Feel your skin give away to become one with your surroundings.

8. Exercise

After a day spent meditating, spend the next with stretching out and going for the run. Your recently detoxed body and your cleansed bloodstream will love you for the circulation.

You will start to feel better and notice the difference.

9. Yoga

After working out on the tenth day, give your muscles a break by stretching them out with yoga.

Your body will love you for it.

10. Letting go

On the tenth day, let go of all negativity and any grudges that you might be holding on to.

Negativity is like a drain on your energy. It is something that you should let go of before it latches on to you.

11. Accepting

On the eleventh day, ensure that you accept who you really are and realise that certain things are in your control while certain others aren’t. Try to affect the things that are and accept those that aren’t.

12. Channeling

Half of your life is about channeling energy into the right direction.

Spectacular feats can be achieved if you have the right focus (channel) for your energy. To learn how to stay focussed. Perform the eye of the rose on the twelfth day.

Just get a rose and focus into its center. Appreciate it for all its beauty, but never digress focus from the centre of it. Try doing this till you can do this for fifteen minutes without a single thought in your head.

13. Discovery

If you have performed all these tasks mentioned on the list, you will begin to discover your real and true self.

You will find that you are indeed awesome!

You will find that you have absolute control over the outcome of every situation.

And you will discover that almost everything that happens, happens for a reason.

14. Realization

You will realize that everything around you works in perfect synergy, and that the universe does indeed listen to you and gives you everything that you ask of it.

15. Imbibe

On day sixteen you will start to imbibe all these practices and incorporate them in your life.

These are simple steps that if you follow, you will find that all your problems are solutions within themselves and that all the power that you really need, to heal, to grow and to overcome, lies deep within you.

Because mind reigns supreme over matter.

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